Playing a card game with a virtual opponent

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Playing a card game with a virtual opponent

Postby josta59 » Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:41 am

For years I've wished I could play certain games solo but didn't because card drawing was involved and I didn't want to make physical cards. I guess my mind has been opening up lately, because I just had a new idea while reading through a new set of rules (for a hacking game, not a wargame).

Using PowerPoint, as I'm so fond of, you could make a virtual gaming table using white text boxes as virtual cards. You can't turn your imaginary opponent's cards facedown, of course, but you can simply change all the text on their cards to white. The text is still there, but it's invisible to you. To "flip" the card, simply turn the text back to black.

Unfortunately, there's no great way to shuffle the cards in PowerPoint. For that I would probably pretend it's a pile of dominoes and just move them around "randomly." Should be good enough, and this is certainly the best idea I've had for playing cards with a virtual opponent. Hope this helps and/or inspires you.
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