Vallejo paints for WW2 Germans.

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Vallejo paints for WW2 Germans.

Postby Frank » Thu Nov 13, 2014 5:12 pm

I`d like some advice please lads.

I have nearly assembled my Bolt Action German Pioneers, and, while I would usually paint them with Citadel paint, I wanted to give Vallejo a go. They are supposed to be better paints, and, with Citadel coming in at £2.50 for 12m and Vallejo at £2.20 for 17m it makes sense money wise as well.

I have had a look at online colour charts but the swatch`s quite often don`t seem to match the name.

I am going to spray everything Grey (£1shop car primer :D ) and use a black wash to get the trousers but what about the Greenish/Greyish jackets? also the helmets and the Dunklegelb for the vehicles plus the Green and Brown for the camo.

So, to re-cap:
Greenish jacket colour
helmet colour.
vehicle base yellow + green and brown camo colours..

Thanks for any help. :D
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Re: Vallejo paints for WW2 Germans.

Postby Whiterook » Mon Nov 16, 2015 9:54 am

Of all uniforms, I have had the hardest time with German uniforms. You wouldn't think grey-green would be so hard to get right! :D It also doesn't help there was so much variation, such as the following illustration...


The best resoure I've been able to find for Vallejo paints on this subject is this....
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