How Games are Hosted in The War Room

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How Games are Hosted in The War Room

Postby Whiterook » Mon Mar 21, 2011 8:16 pm

The War Room is where a Tin Can General member can host an online game, acting in the capacity of Gamemaster and where members of the community participate in these games as Players that agree to play a particular side in that game. The games are played out as an Online Interactive Game, through any one of several different game mechanics designed by the Gamemaster. Members can follow along as play progresses, through to its harrowing conclusion.

Of course, there are always different ways to do things, so you may see different ways in which the games play out:

  • Sometimes, a Gamemaster will host a game that has predefined rules, and/or well established game mechanics, and they are able to host a game from beginning to end without their having to develop how to make things happen. You may just see a thread in the Wargames board where the game is played out. Oftentimes, the Players will banter back and forth and ask questions here; and the community can also comment and ask questions on gameplay.

  • Sometimes, a Gamemaster will host a game that they want to have the Players communicate directly with him/her via Private Message (PM) or email, so that "orders" are secret to each side; and only after the Gamemaster resolves the movement/combat will Players and the community see the results on the thread in the Wargames board. And sometimes the Gamemaster will setup threads for each side in theLogistics Center, for them to communicate their strategy and orders. Gamemasters may even setup separate "FAQ" or "How To" threads for the game in the Logistics Center.

  • Sometimes, a Gamemaster will host a game that does not have a well-defined rules set, and/or well established game mechanics.....or they are altering a game's mechanics to be playable in an Online Interative format; and they have enough theory down to host an active game, but also need to figure some stuff out along the way. The game may play out just fine as a regular game, depending how much of the mechanics for play is "figured out"; but this may be more of a Game Design/Playtesting situation. The caveat here being that there must be enough meat to their idea where they can keep things moving, and fiddle with the finetuning as they go, and not annoy the Players or the community. In the case of a game that falls under the mantel of Playtesting, and adheres to the above warning, the game can be played out in the Wargames board. THESE TYPE GAMES SHOULD HAVE "PLAYTEST:..." IN THE SUBJECT LINE TO DENOTE THE STATUS.

This is where it gets a little tricky: Some Tin Can General members may want to play certain games elsewhere...something along the lines of a game played on an external site or an online gaming console. Or they may want to use Tin Can General as a "Secret Rendezvous" or discussion/planning watering hole in order to play that game on another site. On the former, if members want to explain a little about the game and solicit members to join up on this external site to play, the General Wargaming Discussion board would be the place to do that. On the latter, I don't intend on Tin Can General being the place to host a secret hide-out for other game forums' members. This is for our games. The membership here deserve respect, not the least of which being to never feel like they are excluded from the fun and online activities that go on here.

And lastly, a word or warning to Gamemasters: Remember that if you are to host a game for a game system owned and distributed by a game manufacturer, there are always Copyright Laws to be aware of. Keep a legalistic awareness about you in what you are posting for rules. They generally get REAL mad when you pst an enire rules set, especially verbatim! If these game companies have their rntire rules onlibe however, then a link to them would be appropriate.

So with the above said, happy gaming. This format of Online Interactice Play-by-PM gaming is a fun way to play games!!!
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