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Re: CALL FOR PLAYERS: Heroes of the Pacific

Postby Whiterook » Wed Jun 08, 2016 4:51 pm

josta59 wrote:Ok, sounds really fun! Thanks.

What's an SRR?

I definitely want to sneak past the first hut. But I guess we have to place our forces, first.

SSR's are a familiar wargaming scenario addition...which stands for Special Scenario Rules. The are the rules that are outside of the core rules for a system, usually when you want something that happens that usually doesn't....

Like in Lock 'N Load Tactical, only units with a yellow square on their Movement Factor number on the chit can Stealth Move. Neither Army Infantry nor Marines have this ability in the game. I want them to have this ability because in theory, they trained specifically for this mission for months, with intensive hand to hand combat training and covert maneuvers :D in order to have this ability, it needs to be 'said' somehwhere; especially so it can be referenced if anyone says " can't do that!" that someplace is in the Scenario Card (or writeup), traditionally on the bottom of the card, in the 'SSR' section :D
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