The Old Grumpy persons guide to the Tirpitz....

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Re: The Old Grumpy persons guide to the Tirpitz....

Postby Frank » Wed May 18, 2016 1:10 pm

McCoy wrote:Nice progress mate and as for the cat, you can't win that battle...

Got to agree, you can`t win and you will probably look silly even trying.
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Re: The Old Grumpy persons guide to the Tirpitz....

Postby MAGNA » Thu May 19, 2016 1:14 pm

It's all good. I remembered the secret weapon for cats. Celery.

They love it. Put someone the floor away from the work place and you get around 30 minutes.

They can't resist it. I remembered because the older cat used to attack the shopping when I was doing the second trip from
the car with the last bags. I had celery in the first lot once and forgot another bag had chicken in it. Raced back in expecting
to see the packets being torn open. All I saw was the cat literally shoving his head into the leaves of a bunch of celery and
ignoring the meat.

Now I feel safer and so does the Tirpitz.
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Re: The Old Grumpy persons guide to the Tirpitz....

Postby Whiterook » Sat Oct 29, 2016 11:59 pm

That cat is the master of his domain!

I was thinking about the aircraft carrier I built several years ago, and I had the same feelings of being a bit overwhelmed at first with all the fiddly bits; putting some of those pieces together made my teeth hurt with the concentration of not letting micro-pieces fly off the tweezers or forceps and relocate to parts unknown!

On the viewing of said parts, I recently took inspiration from Geek and picked up a head visor magnifying thigamob. Haven't used it yet, but just owning it makes me feel a little more powerful!

How's this magnificent ship coming along?

PS....Glad to see Agarn back again!
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