An Abruptly Interrupted Assault

1945 - 1991 AD

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An Abruptly Interrupted Assault

Postby josta59 » Thu Dec 18, 2014 9:23 pm

I just started a long vacation, and so far it's been full of gaming, music composing, and taking care of kiddos, just the way I wanted. So here's another AAR.

I rolled up another Sandy patrol, but I've been curious about whatever happened with the Vympel Gold Russkies and the fishing facility near the area where my Sandies have been patrolling. So I had my little Sandy squad join up with the surviving VGs from the very first game back in the summer so they could flush the Contras from the facility together.

And since it was abundantly clear that the riverbank area was swarming with Contras, the VGs left their trench coats at home and I armed them with assault rifles and even provided a BMP-1 with an AT-3 rocket launcher and 2A28 Grom 73-mm gun. I felt this team had a good chance of wheeling in and taking over the place. But in Two Hour Wargames, as in real life, you never really know what you're up against.

The four VGs rode in the BMP while the six Sandies ran along behind. There were more trucks parked at the facility than last time. Sgt. Yakovich, the man in charge of the operation (see game 1), told the driver to bypass the smaller buildings and stop in the center of the facility, between the two largest buildings. The VGs disembarked there and used the vehicle as cover against any unfriendly fire.

MiM game 8_01_setup_small.png

Only PEF6 in the east building was able to activate in Turn 2, and it moved to the door and resolved as nothing. The Fire Value of this building rolled up as 0, which isn't even on the Fire Value table, so I assume some Contras must have escaped out the back door when they saw the APC roll up.

But then shots erupted from the largest building to the west. Lt. Nikolayevich was hit and wounded. The other VGs carried on. A rocket was fired from that building at the BMP, but it missed.

My side activated in Turn 3, and the VGs loaded Niko in the BMP. Sgt. Yegorovich stayed with him. The Sandy SL, Sgt. Victoria, directed his squad to take cover between the smaller buildings.

MiM game 8_02_taking cover_small.png

My side opened fire on the building and suppressed it with overwhelming firepower, including Lt. Palomo's LMG. This allowed the Sandies to join the VGs behind the BMP, which didn't fire because the Russians wanted to keep the building intact for their own use.

Yako ordered the BMP to move slowly toward the front door of the west building, acting as moving cover for the whole group while the most skilled soldiers, VG Lt. Aleskeevich and Sandy Lt. Palacios, readied grenades for an assault on the building.

MiM game 8_03_advancing in cover.png

The door was kicked in (THW creator Ed Teixeira would be very proud that I finally used the Challenge Test), but no PEFs were in sight when Aleskee and Palacios entered the front room.

MiM game 8_04_kicking door.png

They advanced toward the next room with their comrades in tow. More than half were in the building when Turn 4 ended.

MiM game 8_05_move inside.png

Then the worst happened, as Turn 5 started with a bang. But you'll have to visit my blog to see what it was:
"...military glory, that attractive rainbow that rises in showers of blood—that serpent's eye that charms to destroy..." --Abraham Lincoln, 1848

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