Escape scenario: Ridiculously outnumbered

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Escape scenario: Ridiculously outnumbered

Postby josta59 » Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:11 pm

'Allo, you lot,

Had an interesting game in my Nicaragua campaign yesterday in which my little squad of six Sandinistas found themselves facing off against an entire platoon of Contras in defensive positions (two forces under fog-of-war that resolved as one squad and then two squads with an LMG).

MiM game 7_04_whole platoon_small.jpg

I decided to play it safe and made it an escape game. Since my squad was near the table edge and it would take time for the enemy to get over the sandbags, I had a fighting chance. The only question was how many of my squad would make it out. To make matters worse, my squad wouldn't activate until the next turn.

The first resolved Contra squad could only see one of my men, and he got knocked down by gunfire but was ok. So he carried on, and then the rest of the platoon came into view and I won the spot check; otherwise it would've been lost right there. I had my grunts react to seeing the enemy by firing, according to the rules, when it would've been smarter to just run (this point was discussed on the THW forum this morning, actually started by someone else). Amazingly all my men rolled 6s, resulting in six enemies falling behind the sandbags.

Fortunately, my squad activated in the third turn and escaped the table with a fast move.

If they had missed all their shots, the enemy would've returned fire, and that would've doomed me. Instead they had to take a man-down test, which does not allow returned fire. I was very lucky.

You can see more pictures and details at my blog: ... bered.html

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