Mercs Plow Their Way to Closure

1945 - 1991 AD

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Mercs Plow Their Way to Closure

Postby josta59 » Thu Sep 25, 2014 2:51 pm

"Welcome to the team, buddy." Sgt. Falchuk sized up his squad's new member with a smirk. "We're the ones who get things done around here."

"Yes, sir." Sgt. Araujo was in Vietnam the last two years of the war, but his combat experience since then had been spotty. Everyone else in the chopper had been true warriors since the late sixties, so he felt a little green for the first time in many years.

The Iroquois set the men down near a patch of woods west of the previous day's patrol, on the banks of a sizable lake. They heard gunfire before the bird even landed. A squad of Sandinistas was lying prone waiting for them, backed up by another squad behind them in a sandbagged position.

"Go!" screamed the pilot. "I'll cover you." The mercs opened fire as soon as their feet touched grass. Bullets whizzed in both directions.

The chopper passed over the enemy squads, the gunner raining M60 rounds all around them. He knocked down two thirds of the front squad and took half of the ones in cover out of the fight, leaving only scraps for the Americans on the ground. The men in front dropped prone, and Gombo fired a grenade from the rear line, finishing most of the front squad. Able opened up with the SAW, lightly wounding three more, while Araujo ended another man's day. He was happy to have contributed.

Giss, Papa, and Ek aimed carefully and hit the Sandies still standing behind the sandbags. Then Ham and Gombo ran up and ensured any Sandies not yet wounded enough wouldn't be getting up again, and they all booked it for the cover of the trees on the hill to their northwest.

The Ex-Forcers activated first at the beginning of Turn 2 and made it to the trees, all except the new guy. Araujo failed to keep up and was shot dead by a Sandy behind the sandbags when they activated. At the same moment, the PEF behind the hill climbed it and was resolved as the rest of this enemy platoon.

Uh-oh! Go to my blog to see how it ended for them: ... osure.html
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