Mercs Prepare for Rescue and Revenge

1945 - 1991 AD

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Mercs Prepare for Rescue and Revenge

Postby josta59 » Fri Sep 19, 2014 2:58 pm

Gentlemen, I give you the fourth game of my Nicaragua campaign.

The XSF was able to receive better intel regarding the area to the east of the Sandinista army base. They knew they might come across some opposition and went in well prepared this time. They called up eight of their best operatives, Vietnam heroes, and sent them into the woods near the base to find out just how invested the Sandies were, and to see if there were any more Russians in the area.

The operatives, led by Sergeant Falchuk, rode in on an Iroquois operated by the Air Force's 20th Special Operations Squadron, the Green Hornets, from a staging base in the countryside. You can see them disembarking on the southern edge of the table here, along with three PEFs depicted as red circles with their level of Rep:


The chopper lifted away, and the team didn't even start moving before one of them, Sergeant "Giss" Gisselbrecht, tripped an anti-personnel mine. Shots rang out immediately thereafter, and Sergeant "Papa" Pappadopoulos was hit. Both men shook off their light wounds and returned to their feet, and Sergeant Falchuk led the squad into the cover of the woods (he was the only one shaken enough to duck into cover, and the rest followed).


They didn't get far into the woods when they saw a small shack, perhaps being used as a guard outpost, along the stream. They heard more shots, and then the ASL Sergeant Dunbar fell to the ground, obviously dead. The men in front dropped prone, and the grenadier Sergeant "Gombo" Gombosi and Sergeant "Able" Abelmann with the SAW leveled the little building, and the woods went quiet at last. But not for long.


You won't believe what happened next. Head to my blog to find out:
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