Empire Napoleonic Game.

1568 - 1815 AD

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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby MAGNA » Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:05 pm

OK it's getting more complicated now.

Turn two tactical and turn three grand tactical have happened.

Not much to see in turn two tactical so a brief description will do;

Austrians got the initiative and two impulses for the units in contact. Also got a couple of bombardments with
our gun battery.

French got two impulses as well and their main battery in contact got three bombardments. A worrying sign.

Bombardment is something you can do during the turn (hourly round). It can be used to fire on units which are
not in engagement range such as guns or cavalry. It can also be used on troops in buildings etc. Usually when
you fire tactically (during an impulse) you can no longer bombard.

Fortunately for the Austrians the French bombarding wasn't great this turn. The Austrian bombarding wasn't
that great either with both sides picking on each others gun batteries and losing one figure each.

The Austrian first impulse went pretty well with the skirmishers and columns moving in to take on a French
line and skirmishers hidden in the orchard next to their cannons. The Austrians won the fire fight and the
skirmish combat, pushing the French back over the farm wall and both sides took some losses.

The cannons were open to being charged now but the Austrian troops were to far away to do this plus I wasn't
real keen about charging men into canister shot with French infantry able to fire at me as well. The Austrians
moved forward into the orchard the French vacated so they could get a bit of cover. This worked out ok because
the French then revealed three more battalions of infantry around and in the farm houses.

That was about it for turn two.

Turn three Grand Tactical movement has just been completed and that's the pics we have.

A lot more going on this time as hordes of Austrians move onto the table.


We'll follow the numbers on the pic to explain this. Note there are now a lot more figures.

1. The Austrian cavalry on the hill makes a move back to get out of sight of bombardment. Cavalry
units don't have anywhere near the number of troops that infantry ones do or least there aren't
anywhere near as many onboard. Cavalry is used mainly to force infantry into square or to stop them
moving forward (fear of being charged down). For this reason you don't want them being whittled away
by artillery or getting into engagement range too early. When a unit is in engagement range it gets
fatigue points which add up over subsequent moves and affect performance and morale later in the
game. So it's keep 'em ready and keep 'em fresh at this stage.

2. My gallant units of impressive Austrian infantry who have just bested the cream of the French Empire
in a thrilling... settle down son, you rolled better dice three times in a row (didn't realise there were two
of us writing this did you - I'm my own best friend you know...). Start again, the Austrians were lucky
enough to beat the French back out of the orchard and threaten the guns. That's when we found out
there were more of them waiting for us, including some in the buildings at the top of the orchard.

3. Yet another massive group of Austrians move onto the board. These units are enormous and have two
gun batteries with them. As far as quality goes though, the size of the units may help them to stick
around a bit longer before the French wear them down. We will see though, if our side rolls the
numbers we did in turn two it will be ok.

4. Just above the four you will see a grey rock wall. This is where the French were thrown back to and
it's quite a good position for them.
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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby MAGNA » Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:21 pm


A view of the farm area from the Austrian cavalry position on the hill.


Another view of the farm area where things are coming to the boil pretty quickly.

1. The French cavalry and horse artillery that appeared last time have moved around the farm to
threaten the Austrians advance. This is a bit of a worry but not for me now as they had the option of
heading into the flank of my troops around the orchard. Now at least they are someone else's problem,
namely commander Bob who is not overly pleased to see them there.

2. Commander Bob's first unit of Austrians moves forward. The French are outnumbered here but note
they have two gun batteries and some cavalry. The cavalry could force Bob's right hand troops into
square, making them a nice target for the guns (squares and columns get hit real bad by cannon).

This is where it is a lot more like chess. The guns are dangerous but vulnerable if caught. The troops
in column can move forward quickly but must then be wary of the guns and the cavalry. The French
troops in the building will be hard to dislodge but can't just be bypassed as they can fire into our
flanks on the way past (this can cause a morale check if casualties are taken - possible run away time).

The French will have to be careful of my men in the orchard. If we can wallop the battalion behind the
wall we can go straight for the flank of their other troops and force them to go back. See the next
picture to find out why this would be bad for the French.
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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby MAGNA » Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:45 pm


Here is the reason why a backward move could be bad for the French. This is the town on the corner of
board behind the French cavalry. A move or so away but now the main, and best, force of Austrians is
making it's appearance under the experienced leadership of commander John. In fact, I have a real
advantage here in that both Bob and John have played this a lot and I have not. Therefore I can make
dumb moves and blame them for not stopping me from doing it or I can follow their advice and still
make a mess of it. Either way it isn't my fault. Brilliant. Of course, if something works out well it will
be due entirely to me. Back to the game. The Austrians have found French troops in the town but it is
likely they will force them out.

In other words it is our intention to squeeze the French units from three sides until they retire and leave
control of the bridges to us or are destroyed. All well and good in theory but since a move in this game
simulates one hour on the battlefield there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

Considerations ;

1. Who will get initiative (who goes first).

2. Will one side get more impulses (tactical moves - can be one to three in the turn. Three can give you
a lot of options as you can use one or two to reposition or change formation ready to cause havoc in the
third. This is where the game system is really good. Clever placement of troops in Grand tactical
coupled with good formation use and movement in your impulse stages can allow getting onto a
flank and rolling some enemy units up. This is always a difficult thing in large unit gaming due to
arbitrary single dimension move systems. This system solves that problem to a great extent and gives
players the ability to win a game by using different units in combination and developing the moves
to keep an opponent off balance. The dice still have their say but superior tactics such as getting on
flanks makes you twice as likely to get hits etc.

3. What will the dice say ? Or - will we be able to blame them for our own cockups next turn.

4. Will the opponent/s be reasonable and do exactly what we want them to ? Yeah, right.

We shall see next week.
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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby MAGNA » Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:04 am

Well now, a whole week already. No pics of this week yet but extras to show what went on and what happens next

In the meantime, it's back to the dust up around the farm house.

As to last weeks questions (previous post) ;

1. They got the initiative.

2. Impulses for my units and the French were two apiece. Commander Bob (our side) only got one for his units
in front of the farm. Commander John (our side) got two impulses so he could have a good go at getting
through the town to the bridge. Interesting.

3. The dice. A bit iffy either way but not so good for us when it came to initiative and impulses. We did get a
couple of bombardments with our cannon though. The rest of the move was fifty fifty when it came to the dice.

4. Were the opponents reasonable as far as doing what we wanted. No they bloody well were not!! Damn cheek if
you ask me.

Here's how it went.

French troops had been revealed in and around the town which meant John's troops were going to have a bit of
a problem taking the town. Troops in medium and heavy cover can be hard to shift. More on that later.

The French units around and in the farm were in a good position as they had cavalry and and two batteries of
guns as well. They moved their guns and cavalry forward towards Bob's troops and forced the unit on his right
to go into square. Not good when you have a gun battery pointed at you as they suffered two losses from the
cannons. Ouch.

There was some other firing as well in this French impulse but not much to write home or here about.

Our first impulse. What to do.

Town first. John's troops moped forward to take shots at the French in the buildings. Cannons moved up in
support.Sort of a get ready for the next impulse move if you like.
Next the French had a battalion spread out as skirmishers. John made a bold move by sending in his light
cavalry to chase them off and go around the village toward the bridge. It paid off as the French skirmisher
battalion ran back across the bridge. One unit out of the fight in the town.

My units in the trees near the farm. I wanted to go for the French battalion I had forced back behind the rock
wall last week to threaten the flank of the infantry and cavalry on the other side of the orchard but I didn't have
a hope in the first impulse. Bob and John are far more experienced at Napoleonic gaming than I so we decided
in the end to move my middle battalion forward and shoot into the flank of the French gun battery facing Bob's
and my troops. The result was good with another casualty, effectively knocking the gun battery from six down
to four cannons.

Now for the bold/crazy bit. Bold if it works, crazy if it doesn't. My weakened battalion was ordered to charge the
French gun battery. The French decided to fire and retire, ie, the gunners get one quick shot at half the normal
firepower and then run away to cover. Fortunately they missed and my troops passed their elan test so they
charged in. Bold wins.

Next, I could use the break through charge rule and continue into the farm house. Only a ten percent chance of
this and then a huge chance of the battalion breaking and running away. Bold/crazy decision again. I decided to
continue on. I had to roll 10 or less on the percentile dice. Oops..... didn't happen so they broke and ran away.
Crazy loses.

Still. One battalion gone for a gun battery silenced - much safer now so Bob was able to move his troops up to
threaten the farmhouse and take on the French infantry outside. More skirmisher fire during all this with both sides
losing some troops.

French second impulse. This is where they were entirely unreasonable. French troops charged Bob's cannon in front of his square and made them retire into the square for cover. The square is now highly vulnerable.

Near that, Bob has the advantage in troops and should be able to drive the rest of the French infantry back
leaving the farm exposed. Problem here. No cannon support at the moment and a successful punch up with the
French infantry means the Austrians would then be face to face with French cannon and the dreaded cavalry.
Anyone getting the correlation between this and chess ?

Meanwhile, the Austrians in the town have lost some of the brave cavalry who went forward against the French
skirmishers. Yes, they were shot at close range from the houses. The Austrians retaliate by getting their close in
units to start blasting away at the houses. Fairly even so far.

Where does that leave us ?

The French are still in possession of the town and the farm but don't seem to have a lot in between. Tis is what
we are after. Break one and the other has an exposed rear (nothing worse in this weather).

Advantages for the French. Generally better troops. Cavalry engaged against troops with no cover. Still in
possession of strongpoints.

Advantages for the Austrians. More cannon on board now so hopefully we can get them into position for good
bombardments. Much larger troops numbers so losses can be afforded compared to the French. Attrition rate is
in our favour if you like. Cavalry available on the hill but unused so still rested. Another large unit moving onto
the board to cover the central hill.

No doubt the French have more troops on the way but we do have the advantage of having the main hill already.
The town and bridge must be cleared though so we will need to keep coming up with bold stuff in the next
couple of turns before the extra French presence is felt.

To sum up, losses for both sides so even at this stage. We are confident that one area will fall bringing the other
down with it. What we don't want is roundabouts and swings. That is, winning at one end and losing everything
at the other.
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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby MAGNA » Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:56 am

Here are some pics for turn three (last post).


A view of the next Austrian unit. Lot's of infantry and guns but no cavalry. These are going to go up
the hill as we are sure the French will be sending troops on to the board to take it back. At the moment
we only have cavalry up there.


here is what happened at the farmhouse.

1. French cavalry came forward to threaten our guns. The gunners retired into the square of infantry
for protection. This left the French horse guns able to move forward and blast the square. They took
two figures out of the square without having to roll.

2 / 3. Austrian and French infantry moved toward each other. Our worry now is if our infantry breaks
the French we are exposed to cavalry charges. Nasty. Chess again.

4. The scene of the charge against the cannons. You will see a cannon to the right of the four. It is
unmanned as the gunners ran back into the house when my troops charged. The guns haven't fired
since. Neither has my unit who charged. They carried on into the house and lost. They then broke
and ran so they aren't in the pic at all. Roundabouts and swings....


Next is the town. Moving along nicely.

1 / 2. Austrian troops and guns move forward to sweep around the left hand side of the town. French
units in the houses took casualties as the Austrian troops are in line. Much better firepower in line.

3 / 4. The light cavalry boldly charged French skirmishers who were in cover behind walls etc. The French
ran (best thing to do when skirmishing and cavalry come at you). The French troops went back across the bridge with the cavalry following up.


Oh dear Oh dear and so forth....
At the end of each move you have to roll for each leader who was in action during the turn. Leaders
are important as they can be attached to units and may make the difference when trying to get a unit
to move or when fighting.

You need to roll a really low number on percentile dice to kill a leader, say 7 or less - thereabouts
anyway. Up to this game, Bob had the dubious distinction of being able to kill or maim his leaders more
than any other player. In the previous two Napoleonic games he had managed to get rid of three.

This time would be different. "Flying pig airways.. flight number 717 ready for takeoff"....
Yes folks, he did it again. A forlorn figure leaves the scene leading his dead leaders horse. Damn.
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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby MAGNA » Sat Feb 04, 2012 4:37 am

Now then. The next installment.

The rest or turn three and Grand tactical for turn four.


The rest of the action at the farm.

1. My line moved forward to take a shot at the French behind the wall. This provoked a firefight. a
firefight occurs when both sides have shot at each other. The rest of the action is then resolved by
adding steps for unit type etc and taking steps for recent casualties etc.

The difference after all that meant I had a sixty percent chance of winning the firefight. I had to roll 60
or less in other words. No worries, 96. What!! Ninety ^&%#@$ six!!. That meant I lost. The French than
rolled for the extent of the victory, the higher the better. What did they roll? 96! What ? Ninety %^&$#@
six again !?!. My troops were thrown back disordered.

We pretended that's what we wanted as it allowed Bob's troops to pass mine and head for the farm
(been watching and learning from the spin doctors see....).

2. Bob's right hand battalions got into a firefight with the French troops to their front. They won that
one without too much trouble and the French went backwards although not disordered like mine.
The only problem there is Bob's troops are now open to a cavalry charge.

Bob's square moved forward to take back his cannon and suffered more casualties but they are made
of tough stuff (plastic I think) so they laughed it off.


The light cavalry moved back after taking casualties from the house but they have forced a French
battalion back across the bridge. The French have taken more casualties in the houses on the right
and are looking a bit shaky there.

More French troops have been sent to the bridge to back up the ones who retreated across. These
troops came from the direction of the farm so we are happy as they are starting to leave a big gap
in between the farm and the town.


Grand tactical for the next move. Nothing much around the farm and town as units there are already
engaged. No Grand tactical moves for them.

On the other side of the board it's a different story as French units make an appearance. Nasty looking
bunch too. Our cavalry has moved forward to make them stop. When you Grand tac your troops have to
stop if you come into engagement range of the enemy. For infantry you stop 10" away. Cavalry makes
you stop 16" away so we have managed to stall them.

The next Austrian unit is heading onto the hill to support the cavalry. You can see them at the bottom
of the picture. Their cannon batteries have set up to help bombard the farm in the next tactical
phase which they did.

Part of turn four tactical has happened and I have melded it with turn three. No matter though. The rest
of turn four tactical happens next week. Hopefully we won't have our troops at the farm being smashed by cavalry and we also hope we can get hold of the town to force the bridge. That will unleash a torrent
of units onto the board and allow us to contest the hill which is an obvious objective.

Still, we'll see.
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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby TRDG » Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:43 pm

Still a close game, you said you play til the bitter end so to win you have to kill or drive off all of the enemy troops, or capture some objectives? next is there any kind of turn limit, probably not "til the fat lady sings" I take it.... LOL Then reserves, you are rolling dice to see what comes onto the table each turn, or a set reserve run on turns 2, 4, 6 and so on?

Cheers, looks like a fun and interesting battte and its still anyones game to be won, go get the French dogs General Magna!!


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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby MAGNA » Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:39 am

There are victory points available for sure. Enemy losses all add up. Each battalion / battery / squadron that is
hammered will count.

Objectives taken will definitely be a big boost to the winning score.

The hill would seem to be the most important which makes sense. Hills always give advantage to the defender and
Napoleonic times were no different.

We each have more units but some use up victory points to bring on. Units become available as you go so you
don't roll to get them. You do roll to activate them though so the Corps or overall commander needs to be
near the point of entry to the board so you can attach him to the unit/s you want to bring on (no roll needed
then). Not a bad system as it adds a bit more to the command / control problem. Keep him back to activate
new units or send him forward to add to units which are engaged - yet more chess.

I don't know how long the game will go though. Sometimes one side gets to the stage where they think they have
no chance and give in. Sometimes it's very close.
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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby MAGNA » Sat Feb 25, 2012 10:57 am

Update time.

A couple of moves here. Following on from last times Grand tac move.

First, the hill itself.


Lining up for a rumble.


View from the French side. Note the lower right where French squares are trying to
block the Austrian cavalry.

The French still moved forward and our troops bravely tried to hold their ground. Once again our conscripts
surprised us by combining with the cannon to see off a battalion of crack French line troops. Good stuff.

The French cannon set up and gave the Austrian battalions a bit of a touch up with the French line troops
pushing forward at the same time.


Interesting developments here.

1. Cannons. Bloody cannons. They got round the side which is nasty. Being shot in the flank brings
on a morale check. Nasty. One battalion decided they had urgent business in Vienna after a French
assault. Plenty left though - so far.

2. Interesting little punch up here. Austrian conscripts in the woods were charged in the flank by a far
better French unit. Nasty stuff. The additions and subtractions were done for this one with everything
in favour of the French. They had to roll four or more out of one hundred to charge in which would then
have been a foregone conclusion. The Austrian commander (John) suggested the French roll a two. Being
the opposition the French commander declined the request and rolled a one. Yes, a one. The French
unit did not go in. They still fired though and the Austrian unit managed to stay.

3. The Austrian cavalry got around the squares and came forward to threaten the French on the hill.
Unfortunately the squares managed a couple of shots from the back and the cavalry failed their morale
(again shot from the rear) badly and left the field. Swings an roundabouts.
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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby MAGNA » Sat Feb 25, 2012 11:08 am

Now to the town.

Our good troops now make an appearance while the French in the last building are still copping it. They
keep taking hits but they haven't run or surrendered yet.


The good Austrian troops move up the left side of the town. Part of this is because you can't intersperse
different elements which is fair enough.

Note the French troops in the house. Severely depleted they may be but the buggers won't give up. We
need them out of the way so the bridge can be assaulted.

By the end of the move things weren't a lot different. The French troops in the house had seen off a
charge and were still defying the odds. The Austrian guards had reached the bridge though so it should
be just a matter of time before we get across.


1. The new Austrian units reach the bridge.

2. The brave French stay put in the town despite the close attention from several Austrian units.
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