Empire Napoleonic Game.

1568 - 1815 AD

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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby MAGNA » Tue Mar 13, 2012 12:05 pm

The good old farm. The troops who battled so well for this feature are now in and around the orchard on
a defend order. They are now in engagement range of the nasty French troops on the hill who don't
seem to be too worried about them and why would they.


Picking a few apples and letting off a few cannon rounds. Another usual day in Napoleonic Europe......

Last but not least by any means, the area around the bridge. The element that fought for the town is
enjoying a good rest to get a few fatigue points back (important in close combat as fatigue points make
a fair amount of difference).

In the meantime, new units of cavalry and yet more guards are across and ready to knife through towards
the hill. The Austrians have more cavalry to come which we are hoping to send behind the farm and up
towards the hill. The idea here is to pin the good French units on the hill into squares and then hit them
with cannon and infantry. It will be a matter of timing and not coming into contact with other French
units on the way there. If it works we will have them between two fires with all three arms combining.
If it gets held up they will be able to get all their units onto the hill and we are knackered.

Still, as the old saying goes, it ain't over 'til the fat lady squeals from the grapeshot in her bu... hang on,
well, it's something like that.


1. More Austrian Guards.
2. First of the large contingent of Austrian cavalry.

The game is still afoot Watson. Austrian troops deploy across the bridge as they get ready for the final

Turn ten next time and we will know a bit more.
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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby MAGNA » Wed Mar 21, 2012 11:23 am

Turn 10.

Well, this one is fairly self explanatory except for the bits I need to tell you about.

First, the remaining Austrian troops on the hill failed their element morale roll and took off at the beginning of the
move. Not good for us but the two elements had managed to inflict some damage on the best troops the French could
put on the board.


1. French veterans line the wall in the distance to hold up our reinforcements while their main body consolidates their
position on the hill.

2. Where our conscripts used to be. They took off at the beginning of this turn.

Next we rallied some units at the farm who had previously broken and regained some fatigue points. Nice. Fatigue
points accumulate for each hour a unit is engaged and can seriously dent capacity when calculating fire fights or
punch ups. The troops in the town also regained a nice amount of fatigue points so we have a lot of fresh troops
ready to re-enter the fray.


1. Troops rallied back and rested.

2. Remainder of the farm attack force holding the wall.

The arrows show the direction of movement of the grenadiers. More of them next.
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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby MAGNA » Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:34 pm

The French had the first impulse and used it mainly to reorder their troops on the hill. They are forming
a blocking force there and obviously want us to come to them. Good move.

There was some fire from the French troops at the walled paddocks but nothing much happened.

Next was our impulse. Cunning and bold moves were the order of the day here.

John had cleverly used a tape measure and some overt gesturing to make the FRench think our cavalry
reinforcements had moved from the town bridge behind the farm toward the other bridge. This made sense
as next turn they would be able to threaten the troops on the hill from the rear. So far so obvious.

Now it was the turn of our good troops. The grenadiers. They were up against French veterans rather than
conscripts. No matter.

The grenadiers at the walls went forward first and started a fire fight with the French veterans. Our first
shot collected five French figures for the loss of three. The fire fight went in our favour and the French
pulled back from the wall shaken.

On our grenadiers right was the column of French infantry who had been pushed back last move. They
were just about on our grenadiers flank which was a worry. John however was not worried at all. He had
not sent his cavalry behind the farm. They had crossed the bridge to face the hill next to the walled
area and were on the reverse slope so out of sight.

Not any more. Over the hill came the first unit and straight toward the French column. The cavalry lost
one figure to opportunity fire from the gun battery next to the French column but it didn't help. The
French now failed to form square and the cavalry smashed into them. Nasty stuff this with the French
column literally smashed aside. It got worse for the French as a successful charge means your unit can
do a breakthrough move which our cavalry now managed and which landed them into the now marooned
French gun battery. This was a slaughter and so exit one gun battery.

Our next horse unit was sent forward to cross the river and turn to threaten the French flank. I don't
think the French command appreciated that.

At the same time the other unit of four grenadier battalions was able to move over the hill to get down
to the river on the other side of the farm. They formed lines and gave a nasty volley into a group of
French skirmishers who had been getting annoying.


1. The cavalry go boldly forward (didn't even need William Shatner). The cross marks where the French
battalion and gun battery used to be.

2. The grenadiers moved forward and sent French troops reeling back (small arrow). Some French on
the cavalry side of their line have managed to form square. One square moved forward to take a shot
at the cavalry. This wasn't a good idea as they were then blasted by the grenadiers and decided to go
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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby MAGNA » Thu Mar 22, 2012 2:33 am

The last impulse for each side was basically more moving into position for the French coupled with some
reordering of their shaken troops.

For the Austrian side it was some bombardment of the good French units on the hill with more casualties
inflicted and the grenadiers who had marched passed the farm took a shot at the good French units across
the river. They inflicted and took one casualty which caused a morale check for one of the French battalions
and they passed. Still they are now worn which is good.

The rest for us is getting troops into position to move forward and create pressure points next move. If we
do it right some points of the French position will burst and our cavalry will be in.

We have rallied more cavalry at the other end of the board which will join the cavalry already there to put
a threat point in the French rear. Make them go into square and they are vulnerable to infantry and cannon.


1. Grenadiers and cavalry move forward to spread around the French.

2. Grenadiers move forward to fire fight the French across the water.

3. Rested units in the town are now reorganised and ready to move.


This will be the main front next turn as the French consolidate along the hill. The best troops of
both sides are now facing each other so there will be mass casualties next turn with perhaps one side
ending up in a very brittle condition.

Our aim will be to get troops and cavalry around the flanks. That is the top and bottom of the picture
above. Pressure, pressure......

The French aim will be for us to have no choice but to walk onto their firepower. Note in the centre they
now hav two batteries of larger cannon. Nasty stuff - if you charge the infantry the cannon get to fire as
well with close range being a deadly place to be.

Same as last time by the looks - still not over yet folks.....
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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby MAGNA » Sat Mar 31, 2012 3:11 am

Second last turn coming up...

Grand tactical phase was interesting with a lot of movement from both sides.

The French reactivated the element which had originally attacked the hill. They had rested well and got
back some troops who had broken earlier. This element moved across the crossroad to cover that objective.

French cavalry also appeared on the right of the Austrian cavalry which had moved forward last move.


1. The reactivated element covers the flank and rear.

2. French cavalry move up to threaten the Austrian cavalry.

On the other side of the board the next two Austrian cavalry came around the back of the farm (yes we
had some more) and moved onto the hill to face the French rear. The reactivated Austrian Jagers and
line also moved around the farm to head through the light woods towards the French.


1. Fresh cavalry come up to cause trouble in the French rear.

2. Jagers and line move around the farm to support the cavalry.

Ont the town side of the farm the Austrian element which had been resting in the town moved up for
the final two moves.


1. The element from the town which is a combined arms force.
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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby MAGNA » Sat Mar 31, 2012 3:45 am

All was ready now with a lot of troops getting awfully close to each other.

The French troops who had been pushed back from the walled paddock last turn had to take a
determination test due to losses which they failed and had to fall back out of the battle until they can
reorder. This was handy.

The Grenadiers and cavalry on the right were more confident now but the cavalry had to turn to face the
French cavalry threat leaving the Grenadiers to move forward and take on the French troops across the
river. A couple of firefights ensued during the turn with neither side gaining an advantage but the firefight
revealed that the French had two battalions of conscripts sitting in the middle of their line. Hopefully this
will prove to be a weak point.


1. The cavalry face off with the reactivated French infantry moving forward and forming squares to block
the Austrian cavalry from the crossroads.

2 and 2a. The French units which took a hammering last turn moved back to 2a from 2. The Grenadiers
took advantage and moved forward to engage the next French units. Bothe sides looking a bit shaky in
the are of 2 now so there could be a break on one side next go.


A view from the French perspective of the same are.

1. The French troops to the left of the 1 are the ones revealed as conscripts who are facing the Austrian
grenadiers but doing ok so far.

Back to the other flank.

The Austrian cavalry put the bit between the teeth and their Dragoons charged. The French troops being
charged failed to form square and were annihilated. The Dragoons kept on going into the next French
battalion (one of their best) also got walloped.

The other result was that the res of the French troops on that side had to form squares. This included
their other good troops who were now hamstrung as squares can only move slowly and cannot charge.

Together with the cavalry the bombardment and firing left the second really good Austrian battalion
with only one figure. Morale after morale check was passed by this mob including the one they had to
take when only one figure was left. Damn!!

The French took the opportunity during their phase to move one of their batteries back up the hill. No
doubt the good troops on the hill will be joining them to form a new line and contest the hill till the end
of the game.

Again both sides now have troops who are looking a bit shaky.

The Austrian cavalry also charged again in an attempt to hit a column in between them and the moving
French cannon. The idea here was to break the infantry and charge on into the back of the guns.
Unfortunately the column together with the French squares managed to belt a couple of cavalry figures
and the charge didn't go in. Never mind. Maybe next move.


1. This is our cavalry who went on earlier in the game and got some troops back. Unfortunately they
failed to activate this turn so hopefully they will cause some trouble next turn.

2. The cavalry. The lower unit is the one that caused the damage to the French, wiping out two units and
causing all the others to form square.

3. The French column which survived the final Austrian charge. Note the other French units around it are
all in square which makes juicy targets. The arrow above the 3 shows the guns moving up the hill so the
French can form another defensive line.

The cross below the three shows the French battalion of elites which is down to one effective figure who
simply refuses to run away. Behind this figure is another square which is spent (50% casualties) so a
couple of infantry charges should put them away.

There we have it. The French are still holding fairly solidly on the hill and the other end of their line looks

The Austrian aim will be for the Grenadiers to break through into the centre of the French position by
belting the conscripts in the middle. At the same time we will want to belt the French units on the hill
plus try to take away their guns.

The Austrians have enough troops to win this one but time is now the factor. The French have an impulse
left in this move to reorganise and cause some more damage before we do it all again in the last move.

We have a weeks break in this so in a couple of weeks time we should be close to the final update/s.
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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby MAGNA » Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:38 pm

Well now, turn 12. Last move for the game.

No need for ones, two's or arrows on the pics here.

It was a simple case of could the Austrians bash the French off the hill or not.

Both sides were ready for this and the Austrian side had three objectives.

1. Get all our cavalry in the game for this move. We did that and it had a big effect.

2. Get rid of those two nasty French gun batteries on the hillside. We did that using cavalry charges.

3. Force the French into squares where possible so we could blast them and make them run away. We needed
the cavalry there for that and we needed two bombardments for our cannons. We got that as well.

The French objectives were simple enough as well.

1. Make us come to them and combine the firepower of units against each of our attacks. They did that but the
need to form squares saved us a lot of grief (a square is not only a good target but it also has a much reduced
ability when firing.

2. Keep as much of the manoeuvre element on the hill intact as possible so they would still be contesting the hill
by the end of the game.

As expected the French won the initiative and did some firing, mostly from the dreaded cannon. Other than that
the French first impulse was non aggressive repositioning for the coming onslaught.

Our first impulse allowed us to get rid of a couple of squares which had hung on from the last move and we started
to get some troops across the river. Our cavalry which had been sitting over the back of the hill managed to
activate and stopped the last French reinforcements from getting into action. These cavalry then surged forth
bravely over the crest and belted an unfortunate column of conscripts who had been forced back last time. The
cavalry then moved forward the rest of their distance to sit well within charge range of the French guns (from
behind as well - nasty).

The idea was that in the next impulse the French would have to move troops into squares or cop it up the tailpipe.
They chose the squares mostly.

The cavalry however would not be needed in the next impulse as our fresh hussars and lancers from the unit
which had taken the town decided to throw caution to the winds and attacked each gun battery separately. Stupid
move attacking heavy guns with infantry on either side and between ? Not really. First, most of the infantry was
in square due to the threat of cavalry to their rear and we had managed to wear down the heaviest guns.

The other tactic in this was to make the French gunners choose. They could fire at a higher chance and stay with
their guns (dreadful consequences if the cavalry keeps coming) or they could fire and retire at a lower chance (fire
and retire means fire quickly and run like hell for the safety of a square. This means they are able to return to the
guns later.

They chose the fire and retire trick. This was in our favour because it takes one impulse to return to the guns and
that can only happen if the cavalry have been thrown back. The cavalry were pretty good units so they kept going
after a couple of casualties and occupied both gun batteries. This meant the French would have to throw them
back in the next impulse and still not have enough of the turn left to fire the guns again. Two large thorns extracted
from our side in one swoop with cavalry in the middle and directly behind the French defensive line.

Over on our right the Austrian cavalry actually charged two French squares and damn near went in. The Grenadiers
in that area kept up the pressure by moving forward and finally rid us of the last remnants of the French element
that had held us up so well at the farm and the town.

Back on the hill our last lot of cavalry (the buggers were everywhere now) waited with their horse guns while the
troops had shots at the French to soften them up. A Grenadier battalion (French) was routed off with the help of
the horse guns which exposed the next French Grenadier battalion to a flank charge from our cavalry. Nasty stuff
as it turned out. One French Grenadier battalion left after that. Without the guns they were in big trouble as they
had formed square and the gunners from one battery had moved in as well. This unit then had to suffer a line of
Austrian Grenadiers moving up and blasting them after our cannon batteries had bombarded them as well. The
square had dwindled to only one figure left.

They were duly charged by a full strength battalion of Austrian Grenadiers and sent packing.

All this routing was in our favour as our cavalry then managed use what musket fire it had to move up and hit a
single French battalion on the very top of the hill. The firing was very good and the French were forced away into
the woods. on the reverse of the hill. That whole manoeuvre element was now reduced to two battalions,both
in trouble.

This meant a manoeuvre element morale check for nearly all the French units. The troops on the hill broke and ran
as they had lost 9 out of 12 units. This was good for us as we would now get the points for taking the hill.

The rest of the French elements passed and stayed in position.

We now pause for a picture interval.


The French are dissipating quickly here with some left on the hill but the cannon no longer functional.


The end on the hill. Note all the cavalry milling around after successfully shooting up one of the last
two squares on the hill.


Again the cavalry elements have made their presence felt. Note the lack of French troops with a lot of
white coated Austrians moving up to and across the river.


A view from the French side. The French troops at the bottom of the picture still hold the crossroads
which gives them victory points. Another reason the Austrians needed the hill.

OK. Piccy break over. Back in your seats.

The game is finally over. After the adding up of victory points it was time to take off the losses. Each
element was assessed according to losses (worn elements -1, spent elements -2). The upshot. Both
sides ended on negative 6. A draw. All in all a really good result. Reasons as follows;

1. The game itself was highly enjoyable with most of us now getting a good grasp of the rules and the
methods involved.

2. A lot of scope for manoeuvre with the Grand tactical movement being particularly interesting as it
simulates units moving across and around the board while other units are locked in combat. Best part
of this is that it stops the form two lines and blunderbuss your way through if possible syndrome
which happens in many games no matter what period you play.

3. Just for once my side didn't frickin' lose.

4. Everyone had their share of really good moves.

5. My original element of Jagers and veterans actually managed to remain on the board and useful
right up to the end of the game. They were used in the last two moves to help get rid of four battalions
of French opposite the woods nearest the farm. Oddly enough this is where my units started the game
and where they had attacked from. So I had fought them one way and turned around to fight back in
the opposite direction at the end. Unusual and I will always recommend Jagers from now on.

That's about it really. Our opponents put up a really good fight and had the horrid job early on of
fighting a delaying action against superior odds. They got their revenge on the hill when they sent our
large conscript units packing. We then returned the favour late in the game. It was definitely ebb and
flow in this game.

The umpiring as performed by Lord Mitchell (has a ship named after him you know - should say had
actually since it lasted about 24 hours less than the Titanic) was unobtrusive and instructive where
necessary which also brings the game up a level. Much appreciated by all.

While the Napoleonic troops are getting an airing it has been decided that we will continue to hone our
skills by replaying the battle of Talavera from the Peninsular war. If anyone is interested I'll post that
as we go.
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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby essling » Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:16 am

Great AAR Magna.

We played Talavera subsequently with Magna being on the Brits side and myself as ump. General Wellesley uncharacteristically deployed forward and attacked Leval's German division on the French left. The mixture of steady Hessians and the conscripts of other Rheinbund contingents stood firm, The massed French batteries on the "Cascajal" made short work of the hapless British brigades in front of them, whilst one French infantry division with cav support overran the British left in the valley north of the "Medellin". I probably should have set stricter deployment limitations on the Brits, and put the player representing Ole Atty (which wasn't Magna) on the French side. We suspect that the alluded to player was keen on moving on to a WWII game and to that end successfully endeavoured to make it a very short game, an accusation he has neither confirmed, nor denied...! Magna, ever magnanamous, has expressed his desire to refight Talavera again sometime, which, all going well, may be worthy of another of his page-turning reports! Thanks again Mags!
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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby Whiterook » Wed Jul 04, 2012 10:27 am

This was absolutely FANTASTIC! A rest AAR, my friend....thank you. I need to digest all the action.
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Re: Empire Napoleonic Game.

Postby MAGNA » Fri Jul 06, 2012 10:25 am

Thanks for the support gents.

Must admit the strategy for the Talavera game was basically crap. The obvious thing to do was to put the British
on the reverse slopes in their famous red lines and force the French to come forward to be hit by superior

We put our troops too far forward in an over extended line so once the French had knocked a hole or two in the
line there wasn't much to stop them. This was fairly easily done as they had a lot of artillery available.

Still, there is always next time.
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