Fief - France 1429

1096 - 1485 AD

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Fief - France 1429

Postby Whiterook » Fri Jan 09, 2015 12:32 pm

Fief - France 1429
by Uwe Eickert
(re-printed by permission)

The House of Blaye Unifies France!

A game of Fief - France 1429 january 3rd. The houses of Tournus (Gunter) and St Gerome (Dave) quickly allied with an immediate marriage alliance. This threat quickly drove the houses of Blaye (Eugene) and Sigy (Uwe) into an ill conceived alliance. While negotiations were flying back and forth, The house of Bourg (Grady the Traitor) silently and quickly amassed the votes to gain the Bishop and then Cardinal titles of Bourg.

Setting up the game took us 10 minutes. Note that each player has his Family Board in front of him, where family members, titles, money and troops are placed.

Duke Charles, Cardinal of Bourg then backstabbed his Tournus ally, by tithing the Bishopric of St Germone, taking all Mill incomes from this area. This helped him finance a sweeping assault into the southern kingdoms, catching the unprepared defenders of St Andre by surprise and threatening the seat of the Count of St Gerome



A desperate church power struggle began, when Duke Charles, Cardinal of Bourg was captured. His capture allowed the Baroness of St Paul to garner enough votes for her brother Francois to become Bishop and Cardinal of Sigy. Her ally Duke Blaye, forsook his Royal titles in order to also gain the Ecclesiastic title of Cardinal of Blaye. This churchly power base, along with the imprisonment of their arch enemy, Charles Cardinal of Bourg, gave them the support and votes to gain the title of King for the lower noble Baron Thierry of Les Essarts. Baron Thierry had silently built up an economic powerhouse, that then helped his alliance stave off all attacks in order to retain the supreme power in France and win the game!

Baron Thierry's economic power base!

We had a blast. The game lasted 1.5 hours and we barely knew that the time had past. What surprised us is how much the buildings and coins added to the game play. We never came close to running out of coins and the buildings added so much to feel of the game.


(Note: This game was air freighted to us last month, as a printers final quality proof, and it is beautiful!)

Recommendations for your first game:
1. Do not play any disaster cards on the first turn. Instead, discard them immediately.
2. Do not play with the Holy Relics in your first game.
3. We recommend playing with no expansions in your first game. For your second game, introduce Archers and the Noble Attributes. Once you have 2-3 games under your belt, you can add any of the other expansions, such as the Crusades, Teutonic Knights, etc.

Check out the KickStarter site for details...
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