Sitrep from a Satrap

1200 BC - 534 AD

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Sitrep from a Satrap

Postby MAGNA » Mon Sep 28, 2015 3:44 am

Campaign time in the East (Middle East that is).

Persia. The Empire is in upheaval mode. The Great King has died. He has no heir. The Satraps (area governors) must decide who
will be king. Problem is there are four of them and they are all powerful in their own right. Each is Satrap of one corner of the Empire
(convenient eh?). This region stretches from the edge of India across to Egypt.

To become king one Satrap must take Persepolis, the capital, and beat the others as well. Each has an heir in case they are killed
by an unfriendly dice.

How does this work ?

The strategic moves are made on a map of the regions which shows the cities and the value of each. To increase your power you
must take cities while making sure you use the money collected wisely.

Cities have a value from one to four. Most cities are at one. To take a city you lay siege. The umpire (known in this instance as God
which happens to be Persian for Bob) rolls dice each turn to see whether you keep the siege going (a couple of turns and the city
gives up) or whether the inhabitants come out to fight.

If a fight occurs we go to the table using 1/72 scale figures and fight it out. The larger the city number the more forces you will face.
The rules are called something I can't remember but they allow you to do some rather large moves. Once units are engaged in
melee they can't break off until someone is walloped. Quick game play on this one so one or two battles can be finished per
session. As Satraps take on larger cities the battles will be longer.

So far the system is working well with players finding the strategic moves easy to manage. No one has the upper hand yet and
alliances can be formed to combat one player if they get too strong.

Basically thats it for the structure. We have had a lot of moves already and several battles have taken place.

I may have to collect my silver and hire some mercenaries if my own troops don't start performing a lot better than they have to
this stage. They should be ok as they are being lead by a military genius (me) but the dice are unfortunately neutral.

I'll get some pics soon as well.

One good thing about this period is that a campaign including table gaming can roll along nicely. Napoleonics and WWII are much
harder to set up for this.
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Re: Sitrep from a Satrap

Postby MAGNA » Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:17 am

Here are some pics with a bit more info about what goes on.

It's fairly obvious once you get the gist.


The Eastern end. India is on the border. The four colours show the possessions of each of the four Satraps. The dots are cities
which are taken to increase wealth. When a city is taken troops are added to your army. Each city has a value from one to four.
One cities are smaller and easier to take with the higher numbers being more difficult as you go.


This is the Western end with the Egyptians and some other mob moving East toward Persepolis.

Each leader figure can move two hexes per turn. Once you lay siege you must stay until the city capitulates. This can include
the garrison coming out to fight.......


Some Persians with Greek mercenaries come out to fight.


Persians and Greeks on a hill.


A melee involving, would you believe, Persians!

These battles can be over fairly quickly once a line is broken as the victor of a melee can make a sweeping advance (12")
which will usually put them on the flank of surviving units with nasty results.

Missile fire is useful but not devastating.

The umpire has a lot of fun in this as well due to rolling for random events such as disease in a city or barbarian incursions.

Each player collects money every few turns. If you hire mercenaries your income can be zero or even negative as they must
be continually paid.

My side is collecting a lot of money as I have not employed any mercenaries at this stage.

It would take a couple of games to get the hang of the whole thing but so far we have got through a lot of moves and several
battles including one which involved a level two city - a lot more troops.

More next week....
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