Paul Gauguin His Life and Art

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Paul Gauguin His Life and Art

Postby Whiterook » Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:15 pm

I started reading this book, at the same time as reading another. I don't usually read two or more at a time, but it happens now and then ...usually when it sparks an interest where I just can't hold myself back :D


It's written by author John Gould Fletcher, and brings a telling of the complex life of Gauguin, from sailor to artist. I always had an particular interest in his work; and in the mid 1970's, I saw a television movie or docudrama, that intrigued me in what made the man. This book is helping to fill in the blanks, and the puzzle makes more sense.

For instance.... I wasn't aware of the depth of his interest in sculpture. I knew he sculpted, but didn't know it was a greater interest to him than I thought. The artists of that time were moving away from marble, yet that is exactly where he concentrated... so perhaps it's no great pizzle why we are more familiar with his painting.

The book filled in the pieces to the wealth of his wife's Peruvian family and it's influence in his not only affording the opportunity to explore (while working as a non-artist), but also in meeting up-and-comers of the time like Manet.

I'm up to the oint (around 1898) where he's divorced from is wife, and her money, and in Paris as a fulltime (literally...) starving artist....and that's only an eighth of the way into the tome!
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