Bernard Corwell`s Uhtred books

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Bernard Corwell`s Uhtred books

Postby Frank » Fri Jun 05, 2015 7:43 am

I have just finished the latest in this great series, The Empty Throne, and it is just as good as the others ... on-stories

Uhtred starts this book seriously injured with some doubt about just how much part he will be able to take but we need not worry, his brain is working as well as ever and he is still able to influence events despite not being the physical presence he once was. Facing threats from the usual sources, the Vikings, and the political, and physical, threats from the other English kingdoms we start to see the rise of Aethleflaed as a force in her own right.

I have enjoyed all of Cornwell`s historical books but I think that this series, and his Arthur trilogy, are by far the best stuff he has written
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Re: Bernard Corwell`s Uhtred books

Postby MAGNA » Mon Sep 28, 2015 3:53 am

Good summation Frank. I fully agree with best stuff opinion too. I have reread the Arthur series of three a few times. The second book
has gone missing so it will be replaced. Enjoying the Uhtred saga but I keep getting mixed up to which one comes next.
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