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Yaah! Magazine

Postby Whiterook » Sat Dec 06, 2014 1:51 pm


Yaah! magazine is a new, forthcoming wargaming magazine by new company, Flying Pig Games...Mark Walker's new dynamo!

You've heard me talk on this subject before: The lack of quality wargaming magazines in any great quantity. They're out there, but they are generally expensive for a lot of us because they are from countries far afield from us...and example being Battles magazine; add in shipping and you're talking an investment.

The other other thing I've talked about in the past is, scope: That of being a 1-trick pony dealing with a narrow view...just products from one game company; or one game format.

From what I see, Yaah! is a breath of fresh air! Here's the scoop, directly from the magazine's website:

This issue's game is Stamford Bridge, a clever game that recreates the battle of September 25th, 1066. It was at this battle that that an army of Vikings and Anglo-Saxon Rebels were defeated by King Harold just three weeks before his demise at the Battle of Hastings.

The issue also includes articles and scenarios for D&D Attack Wing, Command and Colors Napoleonics, Heroes of Normandy, Rivet Wars (on the cover) and Dan Versen’s Warfighter: The tactical Special Forces Card Game.

We’ll also throw in a couple of scenarios for the venerable Firefight and Heroes of Normandy, as well as a column by the renowned Peter Perla.

Yaah! magazine is a new kind of magazine. An independent magazine that covers all types of war and strategy games, regardless of publisher.

For example, we cover stuff like Dust Tactics, Command and Colors: Napoleonics, MMP’s Operational Combat Series, Rivet Wars, Dungeon and Dragons: Attack Wing, Warfighter, and much more.

We’re independent. Despite being owned by Flying Pig Games, we aren’t about Flying Pig Games, nor are we about smashing the competition in dark-hearted reviews. We only write articles about one thing: Games we love. Well, okay, we also write a small bit of history (see below). Life is too short to write about, to talk about, the bad stuff. If you see it in our pages, you can be sure the article’s author enjoyed himself. That sounds like fun to us.

Also fun is the game and accompanying historical article that you’ll find in every issue. Not huge, these are strategy and war games that are playable on a 11” x 17” map with no more than a sheet of counters and eight pages of rules, something that you can play and enjoy in a single sitting.

Better still, our game isn’t the only thing that you can play. Each issue will contain scenarios for what we hope are some of your favorite games. From ASL to Memoir ’44, we have you covered. No subscriptions, no preorders… at least not yet.

Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll tell you when we are ready for you. Tell then, please help us spread the word.

This looks awesome!

You can get on their newsletter list here...
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Re: Yaah! Magazine

Postby Frank » Sat Dec 06, 2014 3:50 pm

Great write-up Em, I`ll pass the word round locally.
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