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How to Use This Sub-forum Board

Postby Whiterook » Sat Jul 13, 2013 1:49 pm

The purpose of this particular sub-forum board is to teach the skill, and enhance our knowledge of wargaming design and production, methods, values, and process.

Threads posted to this board should present and discuss different elements, practices, guidelines, theories, and standards used in the art of designing Wargames and Wargaming products

Manufacturing hurdles and successes, considerations, marketing strategy, costs, and anything related to putting a design out there.

Dice roll mechanics and interplay with events in play; movement theories and mechanics; the role of terrain and effects; time management and continuum; scale; and everything else tha makes up a wargame system and game itself.

The goal is to assemble a repository which will aide not only aspiring game designers, but for veteran designers themselves in passing on their knowledge and advice.

Our love for wargaming is only as strong as the support system to keep this hobby alive and flourishing. It is asked of everyone who reads this post, whether member or lurker, to spread the word to every game designer you know or see in other venues to please support this board by contributing.
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