New campaign table for free Aw Frik rules

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New campaign table for free Aw Frik rules

Postby josta59 » Wed Aug 02, 2017 1:05 pm

Hi all,

Once again inspired by Nordic Weasel (creator of FiveCore), I've just created a simple table to aid campaigns using my free Aw Frik quick combat rules (see my previous post in the Airfield).

Since my rules use "friktion points" (FPs) to track all negative outcomes on a unit, this new table is very specific to these rules and is based on the outcome of the scenario and on the number of FPs a unit has at the end of a scenario. This will determine whether a unit gains a random ability (using the abilities table in the Aw Frik rules) and possibly elite status, or whether it loses elite status or is retired.


A nice thing about this table is that it will encourage players to keep their units as healthy as possible through the end of each scenario, which increases realism and further complicates decision-making.

This campaign table is suitable for all game scales and works for solo, cooperative, and head-to-head campaigns.

Link to Aw Frik campaign table:
Aw Frik campaign table.docx
(12.79 KiB) Downloaded 20 times

If you're interested in seeing part of my current modern "what-if" campaign being played out, head to this link.
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