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New 1-page combat rules! Plus bonus page! FREE!

Postby josta59 » Tue Jul 04, 2017 2:57 pm

Last year I released a new set of rules on Memorial Day...this year it's Independence Day!


Introducing a new 1-page set of quick combat rules (+ bonus page) for any ranged-combat miniatures game. It's called Aw Frik! And it's probably unlike any rules you've ever used, because it uses "friktion" points to abstract all negative effects on a unit into one number that changes over time.

This is a sequel to my game Showers of Blood, because it uses a very similar combat table (just one combat table covers it all!). But now you don't have to assign strength points to every unit before the game starts, because all units start at zero friction! Damage adds friktion points in this game rather than subtracting strength points. And that can make things very interesting!

And unlike the very bloody Showers of Blood, no one actually dies in Aw Frik...but if you plan things right, your enemy can get so many friktion points that they're totally neutralized (and might as well be dead)!

The rules include an activation system, vehicle rules, and simple rules for rallying and opportunity fire (yes, all on one page!). The bonus page provides adjustments for larger games (up to a regiment per side!) and a table of special unit abilities you can roll on to make your games more interesting!

All this for the cheap price of FREE! My gift to a community that's given me so much for so little.

So set up your table, download the PDF below, and get to it! These rules are so simple (yet so comprehensive), you could get through a couple of very fun games tonight!

Download link:
Aw Frik.pdf
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Link to a demo AAR (Defend the Bowling Alley!):

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