bot/spammer questions

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bot/spammer questions

Postby anvil » Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:36 pm

I understand your dilemma. too easy and you are inundated with badstuff, too hard and the membership remains the same. :)

I am not good at puzzles, but have been into miniatures and all associated w/ it for a long time. I could not figure out the answers. I presevered thru the hidden pathway, fighting off buggeds and traps the whole way. battered and beaten, I survived. well maby not quite that dramatic, but it makes a good story! I did a google search and found you had a facebook site. since I was also on facebook I was able to post my problem there. thanks for the help.

here's the questions. I won't post the answers. give them a try:

1: "between the dots?:"

2: " Direction in a wargame"

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Re: bot/spammer questions

Postby Whiterook » Sun Feb 16, 2014 1:28 pm

Thanks anvil...yes, it's harder than one would think to come up with Q&A's that aren't readily discoverable on Google. I just switched them up to new questions, so hopefully it will be a little easier for ligit gamers to find their way in :D

Oh, and I took down the two questions you mentioned above....I was honestly concerned they were too hard when i put them up there with the others.
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