Nordic Weasel's new quick system uses damage points

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Nordic Weasel's new quick system uses damage points

Postby josta59 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:53 pm

Nordic Weasel just published a new rule set for simpler wargames, called Squad Hammer. It's available for $12.99 here.

I clicked the "full-size preview" on that page and noticed that this new system requires tracking damage points. That was very validating for me, since after years of trying to come up with the perfect simple system for myself, that's what I landed on too. Though I prefer to call it friction rather than damage, since it represents psychological effects and fatigue as well as physical damage.

When I start gaming on a real table, I plan to buy a bag of miniature d20s and use them as friction markers.

Obviously, I won't be buying Squad Hammer, since I worked hard on my own similar system, which I published for free on this forum back in July. And my core rules fit on one page, so there's no need for flipping through pages as you play!

And really, $13? I was surprised by that. It seems to offer a lot more than my system does, but it doesn't look like $13 worth. Not trying to hurt the guy, since I like him a lot. Just my honest opinion of what I saw.
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