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Postby Obergruppen » Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:48 pm

I have been "war gaming" since 1981. Currently I am working through the rules of Advanced Squad Leader and picking up some modules along the way. I also am into the Panzer Blitz, Panzer Leader system. I have started building a full TO&E of counters for the Germans and hope by Christmas of this year (2017) I will have both German and American counters finished and the corners clipped. I am also into building Flames of War miniatures to play on map boards with 5" hexes using the scenarios published or using the point system. Ok on top of all that I am collecting 1:2400th naval ships to play Victory in the Pacific with Miniatures over a 5' by 4' map board but without all the ships in play I am not sure if that map will have to be enlarged or not. I do play Advanced Third Reich and The Rising Sun. Love those two games a lot. I also have a copy of the War in the East from SPI. Huge game but fun to play if you have the time that is. :)


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Re: Introduction

Postby Frank » Thu Jan 26, 2017 6:51 am

Hi, welcome to the forum. I think you have joined at the right time as ASl is really getting some interest at the moment, and a lot of the guys play at least some of the other games you have mentioned.

You just need one more post to be ok`ed then you are a full member, so enjoy your time here and if you have any questions don`t hesitate to ask them.

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Re: Introduction

Postby Frizzenspark » Thu Jan 26, 2017 12:57 pm

1981? That makes you a relative newcomer to the hobby ;) Welcome to the wonderful world of gaming. In all seriousness your combining of miniatures with boardgames shows the kind of mental defect welcomed here. 1981 qualifies you as a Grognard which represents the majority population here. ASL is much revered here. I'm one ot the resident miniatures guys here. Welcome!!!
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Re: Introduction

Postby Whiterook » Mon Jan 30, 2017 6:52 pm

Hi there and welcome aboard. You share the same interests as the membership here, and are in that same pocket of time of many here. The 1980's was a GREAT time in the wargaming culture, where there were still many hobby stores that sold tons of the classics and "new" stuff. I used to love this place near Boston called, E.J. Fuch's, and the shelves were overflowing with them. Many still in my collection came from them.

I'm also a minis player/collector, and was buying a fair amount of Flames of War miniatures, but not for the FoW system, but rather to use with Axis & Allies Miniatures, and Battlefront: WWII by Fire & Fury ( I've been wavering on the edge of Bolt Action, but I'm pretty happy with Battlefront: WWII, if I'm honest.

I also share your interest on converting mini's to hex maps: I am looking at Star Trek: Attck Wing in that format; and have been looking t convert a large collection of Axis & Allies Miniatures: War at Sea minis to hex seamap play.

I've loved playing PL/PB.... and currently, I'm in the baby steps of ASLSK.

Anyway....many here are in similar orbits so, you've definitely found the right place!!! :D

I highly encourage you to just jump right in on posts and talking game with us. I've been real busy of late but I'll be starting up some new games to play soon, including Tank on Tank (a membership fav here).
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