Greetings, good gentles

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John D Salt
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Greetings, good gentles

Postby John D Salt » Mon Jan 16, 2017 3:58 pm

Hello there!

I've just stumbled across this site by the unfathomable operation of the serendipity fairy, while looking for something else.

I'm John D Salt, a name not really disguised by my chosen user name of John D Salt. I use the 'D' to distinguish myself from the many other Johns Salt on the interweb -- the superrealist artist, the professor of demographics, the retired Bishop of St Helena, the VP of Canadian Tire, the pub in Islington. I did once visit the pub (the John Salt) in Islington, and asked if there was a dicount on beer for people with the same name as the pub. There wasn't; on reflection, this is probably a wise move to stop people changing their names by deed poll to "The Red Lion" or "The Queen's Arms".

I started wargaming in 1971, as a result of reading Don Featherstone's "Battles with Model Soldiers". Charles Grant's "Battle!" had the greatest influence on me, and many happy hours where spent in simulated combat with Airfix, and later Fujimi and Matchbox, vehicles and figures. In 1974 I started subscribing to "Strategy and Tactics", and have now accumulated a collection of board wargames that numbered 248 at the last count. I used to enjoy Microprose's computer wargames (F-15 Strike Eagle, Helicopter Gunship, M-1 Tank Platoon, Hunt for the Red October) but recently seem to spend all my computer gaming time with "Combat Mission"; one of the names in the British roster for "Combat Mission: Afrika Korps" is mine, and, fo some reason I can't quite fathom, I also have a game credit in MobyGames "Theatre of War" (I think they may have used some of my armour penetration data).

For most people wargaming is just a hobby, but I have managed to get a career out of it. Some time in 1988, while I was studying computer science at the University of Newcatle upon Tyne, the clouds parted, trumpets sounded, angels sang, and I discovered the existence of stochastic discrete event simulation (making wargame-like models of real systems in a computer, so you can make your mistakes cheaply and safely in the simulation instead ofexpensively and dangerously in real life). I have been doing that more or less ever since, and got a doctorate in it in 1999. I now work as a university lecturer at Cranfield University, where my job includes things like teaching weapon system performance assessment and computer simulation, or umpiring professional force development wargames for the British Army. If that's not fun enough, last year I gave a paper at the Close Comba Symposium, and got to have a go with a 0.5-in sniper rifle and a 40mm grenade launcher on the demo day. Yes, I love my job.

All the best,


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Re: Greetings, good gentles

Postby 50th » Mon Jan 16, 2017 9:36 pm

I used to have some of those very same computer games. F15, F19, LHX advanced helicopter, F22, among others. I got into wargaming after playing an old Avalon Hill game, Luftwaffe way back in the '70s. I bought the old Star Trek game by FASA. I used to check out the original Battletech game miniatures when I went to the hobby shop to buy Star Trek gear. A few years later I bought the 2nd edition of City tech, the boxed Battletech game.
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Re: Greetings, good gentles

Postby Frank » Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:01 am

Hi John.

Welcome to the forum.

I have to say I have never played any of the games you mention though a lot of people on here have, I like moving minis round a table more.

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Re: Greetings, good gentles

Postby Whiterook » Tue Jan 17, 2017 7:25 pm

Hi John....welcome to the site! We're very glad you took the time to join our ranks and I very much look forward to seeing you around the boards. I was blown away by your introduction, and I very much want to hear more of your experiences with the British Army, and wargaming in general.

Please take a look around and have fun exploring the forums' boards. Please feel encouraged to post and participate, and even jump into some games (we always have new ones starting). Let any of the mods, or myself know if you have any questions...and again, thank you for joining!
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Re: Greetings, good gentles

Postby Duncan » Thu Jan 19, 2017 3:54 pm

Wow! That sounds awesome. Welcome to the gentlemen's club sir.

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