Facelift for The Bunker and Pillbox!

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Facelift for The Bunker and Pillbox!

Postby Whiterook » Sun May 01, 2016 7:39 pm

Hey, somethin's different!? :shock:

I gave the two Discussion areas a major facelift tonight. I've expanded both board and miniature discussion areas to eras, rather than specific game systems. Still around are the two General discussion boards....to discuss basic concepts not tied to a specific game or miniatures platform...but now we can drill down topics ON specific games and miniatures by era.

An example would be a topic on asking if you clip war boardgame counters...which is a basic concept topic for the general discussion area in The Bunker. Another example would your discovering a new Civil War miniatures game and why you think it's the cat's meow, which would go in the Age of Rifles board of The Pill Box.

Get it?

The hope, and reason for this is to encourage and nudge the membership in posting in different eras; but also, make it easier to finetune your interests and activity.

I hope you like the new look :D
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