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War feasts upon death. Its greedy appetite carries away many a life on the battlefield, and soldiers must be ready to die at any time. Yet all these sacrifices can be given meaning and reason with honor. A weathered witness of war's insatiable appetite, Guzidi, Captain of the Ninth Company, will struggle his entire life to return honor to his forty six men and their self-sacrifice.


I've had this film in my collection for a while and despite watching it many times it still moves me every time I watch it which is quite a few times now. I have been pleasantly surprised that despite them having lower budgets and maybe less in the way of publicity than alot of the Hollywood studios the far eastern studios seem to portray not only the grittiness of battle but also are able to inject emotion into the films making you smile at times but also bringing tears to your eyes really bringing home that it is actually people involved in these conflicts opposed to machines which is something I feel has been lacking in a lot of recent films released by western studios.

I have this on blu ray but have seen a dvd quality version and considering the minor price difference between the 2 versions when I checked, I will say if you have access to the technology to utilise the HD element offered by the blu-ray go for it as it really adds something to the experience with these films.

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Ultimately if you don't mind having to read a film I cannot recommend this enough.
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