My Khalkhin-Gol battlemap miniatures

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My Khalkhin-Gol battlemap miniatures

Postby 50th » Mon May 22, 2017 5:47 pm

I finally got around to painting my Memoir 44 Khalkhin-Gol battlemap miniatures! This is the first battlemap of the second series.

Khalkhin Gol.jpg
KG Battlemap Series 2

This battlemap contains miniatures for tankettes and armored cars. Since scenarios call for Soviets to have two tankettes figures (Japanese tank miniatures) and Japanese to have two armored car figures (Soviet BA-10 miniatures) I painted them differently.

Japanese units:

Japanese Tankettes and Armored Cars.JPG
Japanese Armored Cars & Tankettes

Soviet units:

Soviet Tankettes and Armored Cars.JPG
Soviet Armored Cars & Tankettes

As I've said before, I absolutely hate to paint miniatures. And I painted six tankettes, six armored cars, and 48 French infantry figures today. My workspace? The patio table with umbrella and chairs. I needed to get the tankette and armored cars miniatures painted because I'm running a game with the Khalkhin-Gol battlemap and miniatures at Diecon 17 in June (more info in "Troop Ship" thread).
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Re: My Khalkhin-Gol battlemap miniatures

Postby Frank » Sat May 27, 2017 10:59 am

I have to say they look better painted, but then I am a miniatures gamer. If you really don`t like painting then perhaps something like these spray cans followed by a darker wash might be the way to go. ... GroupId=15
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