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Postby Hagen » Sun Mar 20, 2011 7:31 pm

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Re: test

Postby Whiterook » Mon Mar 21, 2011 12:57 pm

Nice pic!

As soon as I get a chance, I'll put up a "How to post pics" thread in here. This looks like you used the Attachment feature, which on this new site, you can post multiple, as opposed to only one-per-post on the other site (one of the many reasons I moved the site).

You can alos use IMG tags and plug a URL to a image/photosharing site like Photobucket, between the open and closed IMG tags. The benefit I've found from Photobucket is: Once you've created the album of choice (say, Panzer Pics) and uploaded the pictures to it, when you hover your mouse over the picture, it gives you four options to copy data from a field in a drop-down menus; and the last one is a path to the IMG!!! Click that IMG option in the last field offered and it AUTOMATICALL coies the URL path to your computer's clipboard. Come back here, place your cusor where you want the image to go and pres the keys simultaneously for CTRL and V, the IMG URL path pops in slick as a wick. when you click Preview or Submit, the image is nested. Beautiful.

The benefit of this method of using a photo sharing site is, you don't seem to have to worry about resizing your image prior than posting in an attachment. Your image's 'path' is linked to the off site iphoto sharing site (in this example I'm writing, Photobucket).

When you use an Attachment, the size can be a problem if: You merely downloaded a picture straight from your camera to your computer's photo management software; then uploaded it here on the site with the Attachment feature. You see, most cameras seem to dowload your pics from the camera to your photo management software on your computer as BIG width by height pixeled pictures. Ever notice on some sites, pictures that blow right through the side of the screen, and you have to use horizontal scroll bars to scroll to the right side of the picture, and often, the text written under the picture? That's 'cause you've loaded a big butt photo onto the system without resizing it first in your computer's photo management software. That is BAD. DON'T do that.

If you upload huge size (as in KB) pics, you can break the page in nasty ways, and it can be slow to load.

My big wish is to not have to go straight to programming this site for thumbnails only. Personally, I like to see the whole picture right off the bat, rather than open up a thumbnail. Just the way I roll. But we will see.
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