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Diecon 17

Postby 50th » Thu May 18, 2017 11:26 am

It's almost time again for my favorite convention, Diecon! Diecon 17 will be June 9th through the 11th. This year, I will be running two of my all time favorite games, Memoir '44 and Battletech. My Memoir game will center around the scenario and map for Khalkhin-Gol Overlord (double map for two to eight players) and will feature the new miniatures for armored cars and tankettes. My Battletech game will use the scenario, attack on the compound, a scenario I developed and have been testing with my friends.


I will take pictures and post them up post convention. If you will be in the Collinsville Illinois area on those dates, come join the fun! This year I will be getting a special rate for running two games! Looking forward to it, I will be leaving my home in Union Missouri to visit with my friend on Thursday afternoon, staying at his house during the con (He lives in the greater St louis area) and we will go from his house to Collinsville to the Gateway Convention Center Friday morning through Sunday, when I will return.
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