2017 Texas Team Tournament (ASL tournament)

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2017 Texas Team Tournament (ASL tournament)

Postby Whiterook » Tue Feb 28, 2017 5:49 pm

2017 Texas Team Tournament
June 22-25, 2017


This is an open tournament, so you can go and play what you want, how much you want, with whom you want. Feel like trying that monster scenario? Here's your chance to immerse yourself in it for up to 4 days straight if you can handle it.

It's never too early. So start planning now and your boss/wife won't have the excuse that you put in for the time off at the last minute.

Last year they featured BFP's armor opus, Flying Turrets. This massive scenario immersed 3 players in the chaos and spectacle that was Prokhorovka (the Battle of Kursk). Who knows what I'll come up with next year.

Thursday will also feature that time honored institution which is Ferocity Fest. If you like your ASL nose-to-nose and brutal, this one is for you.

As always they'll have have ASLSK play going on. And you never know what some of the best ASL scenario designers in the game will have as previews of their upcoming work.

For the individual 10-3 championship, they tried something a little different this past year. After Friday play all of those that finished 2 or more games were eligible for the 8-man championship bracket that was established. Those with the highest scores got first shot at deciding if they want to go for the gold or just continue open play. They went down the list of eligible players (ranking based on strength of schedule) until they filled up all 8 slots. Then it's single elimination play for all the marbles. Call it a little formality in our otherwise informal tournament. It worked well last year and they plan on using the same format for next years' tourney.
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