Using an Expo to create interest

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Re: Using an Expo to create interest

Postby Whiterook » Sun May 27, 2012 12:14 pm

Totally missed this one, but better late than never! If I follow the gist correctly, you are looking fr what stuck out in our minds as good entry fodder into gaming, but not necessarily playing a full game?

At cons I've gone to, many of the games that I noted as good demonstration games were ones where someone spent 20 minutes or so to play out three or so rounds/turns....what that did was give someone enough tome to assimilate the flavor of the game ("the hook"), yet not overwhelm them. Convention goers fall into three categories:

1. Gamers that want to play full games and stay the heck out of their way from doing so.
2. Gamers that want to be exposed to new games, or ones they never had a chance to try, and just want a sampling (this is where the game companies get their woodies).
3. Lurkers...those that just want to swim in the soup and people/game watch.

For two above, speed and ease are the keys.

For three above, set up ample chairs around a demonstration area, but not is a straight line...people want to stay casual...i needs to look like you're sitting down with your mates on the fly. some game promo posters or literature aroun the area. Contact the game company and explain what's going down...they will likely be thrilled to send you promo material!

Might I suggest Axis & Allies Miniatures....simple and good looking. A great intro into WWII miniatures!

That's off the top of my head.
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