Guns of August

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Guns of August

Postby Whiterook » Wed Apr 13, 2011 6:49 pm

Guns of August
August 12-14, 2011
Williamsburg Virginia!

Guns of August is the summer gaming convention in Williamsburg, VA hosted by the Old Dominion Military Society.

Our aim is to host a convention that features as many interesting participation games and events as possible, of interest to a broad range of gamers.

We feature primarily Miniatures Games and Board Games, but this year we are also going to offer Roleplaying Games for the first time.

In addition to all the many games you can participate in, we offer a selection of excellent Hobby Vendors, as well as a complimentary hospitality suite.

We are going to offer a Flea Market this year, if you are interested be sure to check out the details.

This year, 2011, will be our second year for our Summer Convention, and we hope you can come and have a great time, gaming with us in the historic Colonial Capitol, Williamsburg, Virginia!
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