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Casino Dice

Postby KG_Panzerschreck » Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:53 am

Some people, myself included like to use Casino Dice in subtitution for the crappy dice that come with alot of Wargames. What are Casino Dice you say?

Casino Dice, thats what i call them, meaning dice that were once used in a casino for gambling, can be bought as souviniers in most casinos gift shops. Along with used Cards, Poker Chips ect. As for me myself, i personally have never been in a casino. Everytime i know of someone going, i tell them to bring me back dice of such & such a color and i pay them back. The most i ever paid for a set was 4 dollars for a Harrahs set from Vegas.

As for the dice themselves, they are perfectly square & perfectly balanced. Belive it or not the pipped dice that come in 99% of games are loaded dice! The pips drilled into them make the weight distrubution uneven and overtime 6's will come up more than 1's because the 1 pip side weighs slightly more than the 6 pip side. [The exact opposite is true for casino dice as the pip holes are drilled, then plastic pips are inserted into the holes making the 6 side the heaviest. Thus the 6 side is the side that need drilled for balance.] I know this sounds crazy but its true. Casino dice actually have balance holes drilled into them. Once the pip holes are drilled and the pips are installed, they are each individually balanced and weighed for accuracy and eveness. You can see a hole drill in the side of one of the dice in the pic below.

Make sure you check out my Dice Collection thread in the Members Gallery. Id love to see pictures of some of the other members favore Dice in their collections.

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Re: Casino Dice

Postby 50th » Mon Jan 07, 2013 1:18 pm

Cool! Never having being in a casino myself, I didn't know that. I might have to hit up a few family members who go into St Louis to go to casinos for dice.
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