New Memoir 44 Equipment Pack Units Chart!!

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New Memoir 44 Equipment Pack Units Chart!!

Postby 50th » Fri Dec 28, 2012 11:43 am

Attached is my Equipment Pack Units Chart. The first column is of course the unit type. The next two columns give the maximum movement, when battling and not battling. The next column is the number of figures each unit requires. Tank Destroyers use three when the nationality is British, American, Italian, Japanese, or French, and four when the nationality is Russian or German. These nations TD's usually had thicker armor. The next column is the number of dice to roll (before terrain reductions). The way to read this by range adjacent hex, two hexes, three hexes, ect. The Battle Effects column lists the battle effects independent of movement. The next two battle effects columns are the battle effects for remaining stationary and for moving. At the bottom is a list of all units and how many hexes they retreat per flag. Read 3 as one to three (your choice) per flag rolled. The abbreviations box lists all abbreviations used in the document.

I hope this helps those that play Memoir 44, and this chart is useful for you even if you don't have the Expansion Pack because it lists all units.
M44 EP Units.pdf
Here is the Equipment Pack file I talked about.
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