The computer is your friend...and the tablet also....

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The computer is your friend...and the tablet also....

Postby Lucky Luke » Thu Jun 11, 2015 3:30 pm

...and don't forget smartphones!

One game to bind them all... :mrgreen:

When I started to play "electronically" I use do to play with Cyber board, then Vassal.
All my game files were on a USB stick to update a game situation wherever I could find a computer.
A few months ago I put my claws on a innocent Samsung Tablet and a new list of choice spread out.
Now, with the Gurps experiment underway I found a new nimble tool: Dropbox.
I put on a Dropbox account all my Gurps files and, voilà...universal access! I use any gadget I have available when it's time to go on with the story.
I put in good use Scott's idea to use PowerPoint to manage maps and the spreadsheet file with all my Gurps math tools is easily viewed with my puny Lumia smartphone.
When I am waiting at the bus/metro stop or on coffee break (I keep the caffeine level vey low but the break itself is much needed) I cast a look on MWF to see if any update is present and do some little work, wrote a line or two or check for a rule to resolve a situation. When I have a ready update it is posted on MWF.
The cool thing is that until now I never made an arbitrary choice because in Gurps you'd find everything and with a non-online management of the action I have the time to search the rule I need if I don't remember it. So the GM don't know the outcome of a situation.
I'm enjoying the game as (I hope) the bold players... ;)


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Re: The computer is your friend...and the tablet also....

Postby josta59 » Tue Jun 16, 2015 9:49 am

Glad I could contribute something. The game is fun.
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Re: The computer is your friend...and the tablet also....

Postby Whiterook » Mon Oct 05, 2015 7:07 pm

Nice post! I remember feeling the same about my iPad when I got it....and I think I posted something along those lines of iPad being great gaming resources back then. Of course, technology keeps improving and as you say, 'smart' tech is becoming more nimble and resourceful.

MAGNA has talked some on the subject too.

What I find interesting is your use of DropBox (which I haven't quite figured out yet). The equivalent to that I guess would be Google Drive. I like being able to have cloud storage, beyond files on a tablet....which was a huge step up from files on a flashdrive!

I have an app on my iPad called :MyStuffPop2", which is a laundry list of all my games, components, and wishlist. Theoretically, I could go to a con and buy with confidence, knowing I'm not buying a duplicate' providing of course MyStuff isn't Internet based? ......hmmmm, better check that out, must I!
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