Scenario generator from the maker of FiveCore

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Scenario generator from the maker of FiveCore

Postby josta59 » Wed Jun 21, 2017 3:17 pm

Today I bought the new sci-fi scenario generator by Ivan Sorensen, a.k.a. Nordic Weasel, maker of FiveCore and many other wargaming rules. It's at Wargame Vault and is called "Scenario Generator for Science Fiction Scenarios: Any System, Any Figures."

I was a little disappointed when I saw that I only got 14 pages of material for my hard-earned $2.49, but I eventually realized that it's probably more than enough.

The FiveCore rules have scenario generators, but I wanted to see what new features this PDF might have to offer. And it's nice that I don't have to look through the big FiveCore rules anymore. I can just pull this out and use it with whatever rules I want to use.

The first half of the book is mostly devoted to how big your forces are going to be. Which is ok. I was glad to see tables about troop quality and objectives when I got into the last half. I got to page 12 before I saw much of anything having to do with the table itself. But it's there! And very sufficient, even if there's not much new there. It's not bad at all.

I didn't get very excited about my purchase until near the end, where he's included tables for side missions. Now we're talking! My favorite AARs are the ones where multiple things are happening at once, providing a complex game that feels like it's worth playing. Unfortunately, the side missions table is a bit vague and contains a few items that wouldn't interest me at all, like "stick to the assigned role" and "stick to the mission." Are these even different? Seems like he could've made more effort there.

I always appreciate a random event table, but the one in this book is a bit lacking, in my opinion. His table in FiveCore is better. Although this new one (actually called an "Unexpected Circumstances" table) seems to be meant to be rolled on before the game starts, so that in itself is kind of interesting.

I like that he devotes much of the intro and the entire last page to explaining how this could all work realistically. Very nice touch, and that last page is actually kind of inspiring and makes me finally want to use this thing.

So is it worth the money? I've only read through it once, but I think it might be, even though I didn't feel that way until I got more than halfway through it. As someone who's created many scenarios myself, I can see how this might be a time saver and might help me create situations I wouldn't have thought of. When I was a new wargamer, this would've been really helpful, so I'd definitely recommend it to new players as a very cheap way to get started. It's every bit as essential as a rule book, and I'm surprised books like this aren't in greater demand.

Since I recently found the 30 scenarios I'd been wanting in One Hour Wargames, by Neil Thomas, I might try to use the two together somehow. We'll see. I like that it has maps, which this new generator doesn't provide.
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