A Time to Stand

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A Time to Stand

Postby Whiterook » Thu Nov 03, 2016 8:14 pm

This scenario is intended to re-enact the DS9 episode "A Time to Stand" in which Sisko's crew attempts to eliminate a Ketracel White supply depot, but could be modified for any factions. It's a little complicated, but I think it came out nicely.

Recommended: Federation/Dominion

This scenario uses an over-sized playing area (at least 5' x 5' recommended). Place the Planet token anywhere within 4" of the North Edge.

Federation Player receives 55 Squad Points, and is limited to one ship which must be a Dominion ship. Federation may use any Tech or Weapon upgrades from either Dominion or Federation, but Captain, Crew, and Elite Talents must be Federation. Standard Cross-faction penalties apply. Player begins on the South Edge of the Map.

Dominion Player receives 150 Squad Points and may not use any unique ships, Captains, or Upgrades. The Dominion player may place his starting ships anywhere on the map, but may not place any ship within 10" of another. He may also choose to begin with one or more ships "out of play."

Special Rules:
All Ships begin with Shields Disabled. Shields cannot be raised until the Federation player's "cover is blown."

Any Dominion ship that is destroyed or leaves the map is place "out of play." At the beginning of any turn in which the Dominion Player has "out of play" ships, he may place one of those ships on the East, West, or North edge of the map.

The Dominion Player cannot attack the Federation Player until it detects them.

Any Dominion Ship within Range 3 of an enemy Ship gains the following action:

ACTION: Roll 3 Attack Dice, your opponent rolls 4 Defense Dice. If you have at least one uncancelled HIT or CRITICAL, then the enemy has been "detected" and it may be attacked as normal, by this ship, and any other ships within Range 3 of this ship or the enemy ship. Otherwise, the enemy's cover is maintain, and this ship's movement must take it off the map as soon as possible.

If the Federation player destroys a Dominion ship on the same turn it becomes "detected", and there are no other Dominion ships within Range 3 of either ship, then it may maintain its cover. Otherwise, it's "cover is blown" and all Dominion ships are alerted to its presence and may attack it as normal.

When the Federation player is within Range 1 of the planet phase, gain the following Action.

ACTION: If not Cloaked, disable all Shields to place a Mission Token on the planet. This is the explosive that has been beamed to the supply depot. The turn following its placement, it will detonate immediately following the Federation player's Action Step. All ships within Range 2 of the Planet take roll 4 (5 at Range 1) Attack dice and take damage on any HIT or CRITICAL. No defense roll is allowed.

Once the explosive detonates, the Federation player's "cover is blown"

Objective: The Federation player must destroy the supply depot and return safely to its starting edge.
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