Mission 1: A New Source of Dilithium (STAW)

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Mission 1: A New Source of Dilithium (STAW)

Postby Whiterook » Thu Nov 03, 2016 7:44 pm

A homerule solo scenario for Star Trek: Attack Wing, by Craig Andrews:

I just played a very slightly modified version of "Mission 1: A New Source of Dilithium" from the Starter Set solo and had an excellent time.

I followed the mission briefing for building each side (40 points). I played the USS Enterprise under command of Riker with Data along for the ride vs the IKS Maht-H'a.

I used Ralph Berrett's X-Wing [i]Miniatures AI
v1.7.0b3 ([url]http://xwing.runbam.com.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/xwing_ai_1.7.0b2//url]) and used the Firespray to control the movement of the Klingon's ship. I ignored the mission for the Klingons they just had to destroy the Enterprise. If it told me to perform a manoeuvre that wasn't on the Klingon's card I either clicked again or reduced the distance by one.

Not sure if it's my inexperience with the game but I failed twice, in my mind a key indicator that the game played solo well. As the Enterprise has to drop shields to beam down it left me open to attack and afterwards as I was 'swinging back around' to collect them the Klingons got me again. Also as you loose the two crew members whilst they're on planet it's quite crippling. Both games ended up differently, the second time I even managed to beam back up with the Dilithium.

There was a small amount of choosing which actions were best for the Klingons but for the most part I just used Target Lock (as a free action as per the AI rules) or Battle Stations. Each time I checked the text on the Klingons cards and if anything made more sense I used that. I was going to use Cloak when the ships shields were gone but didn't get a chance as they destroyed me before I could get them.

The intelligent random nature of the movement meant I wasn't sure what was going to happen. Whenever the planet was in the way of firing I used the 'Out of Range' option and it seemed to work well.

I recommend giving it a go, you do need to put your 'Federation' hat on and try to complete the mission. When I played a straight out fight I won (but only tried that once).[/i]
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