Solitaire Star Trek Attack Wing

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Solitaire Star Trek Attack Wing

Postby Whiterook » Thu Nov 03, 2016 7:09 pm

Star Trek Attack Wing
Simple Solitaire Rules
Version 2.0 August 16, 2014

by Leo Zappa

When playing STAW solitaire, use the following sequence of play in lieu of the normal sequence.


1. Activation Phase: Each ship has a maneuver chosen, move made, and action performed. Order of activations is established using the “Chit Pull” mechanism, whereby one of the two captain tokens for each ship is placed in an opaque container (while the other token remains on the corresponding ship base). The player pulls a token, or “chit” from the container. The ship corresponding to the captain token pulled makes its maneuver and chooses its action. The player continues this process until each ship has moved and performed an action.

2. Combat Phase: Each ship performs one attack. The order in which each ship attacks is again determined via the “Chit Pull” mechanism. The captain tokens used to determine order of movement and action selection are placed back into the container. Once again, the player chooses a token, and has the ship corresponding to that captain token perform an attack, if possible. The player continues this process until each ship has made its attack.

3. End Phase: All disabled shield tokens may be flipped back to their active sides for free. Remove all remaining Scan, Evade, Battlestations, and red Cloak tokens. Ships with green Cloak tokens can choose to keep their shields disabled in order to remain cloaked. Retain all target locks.

Note: in the solitaire version, there is no Planning Phase.
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