A Bloody Start (Heroes of the Gap)

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A Bloody Start (Heroes of the Gap)

Postby Whiterook » Sat Aug 23, 2014 10:26 am

A FREE Heroes of the Gap scenario!
Thank you to game designer, Mark H. Walker

Belgium, 17:12, June 5th, 1985

Mike Hudson stared at the rapidly melting snow flake and blinked. God knows I'm tired enough to hallucinate. He brushed the slush from his hand. But I'm not.

Private Jim Leyland spoke the question on the squad's mind. A thin man with a reedy voice, the squad called him pipe cleaner, or just Pipe.

"What the Hell?"
"It's snow, Pipe," Corporal Stone, Ami Stone, quipped. "You've never seen snow?" She didn't wait for a reply, once again bending to the task at hand, cleaning her M-16.

Stone was a 77F, ran a rig that refueled the tracks. Her unit was jumped in the Black Forest. She was the only one who survived. They found her burying the dead. Woman weren't combatants. Hudson knew that. They all knew that, but when she pulled the trigger, the bullets flew downrange, just like she was a man. And they needed all the bullets downrange they could muster.

"I mean..."

Hudson ignored Pipe's whining reply, peering down the road instead. The snow was heavy, filling the air like fog, yet melting as soon as it hit the warm earth. Sergeant Dahl, the task force commander, had ordered Hudson and his platoon to hold in place while Dahl took the vehicles south to link up with the French forces rumored to be near Bastogne. That was an hour ago, and now the snow. Snow so thick Hudson couldn't see Styles and Felice, the pickets he had posted on the road to Vaux.

Snow in June. Creepy, weird, but then the entire world had gone creepy. Some of it creepy bad­ -he remembered the strobing firefight against the beasts at the dark cabin, some of it good-Katarina's pale face drifted across his thoughts.

"Vehicles." The scratchy voice, barely recognizable as Felice's, hissed through the PRC-77 next to him, pulling him from his pleasant Katarina fantasy. There was only one type of vehicle that would come down the road from Vaux, a Soviet vehicle.

Order of Battle

Elements of Task Force Dahl; set up as per SSR:
  • 2 x 2-6-4-5-AM
  • 2 x 2-7-4
  • 1 x M-60
  • 2 X 40mm
  • 2 x LAW
  • Capt Boone
  • Felice
  • 1 x Medic
  • 1 x Sniper

Elements of 1st Battalion, 33rd Motor Rifle Regiment; enter Turn One on hex R1 as per SSR.
  • 4 x 2-3-4-5-5
  • 1 x 2-5-4-5
  • 2 x PKM
  • 1 x PT76
  • 1 x BMP2
  • 1 x BTR70
  • 1 x ZiL131
  • Maj Petrov (See SSR)

Scenario Length:
Four turns. The Soviet player has the initiative on turn one. Use the Noville map board.

Victory Conditions:
The victory level is determined by the number of two-story buildings that the Soviets control in Noville.

  • Zero Buildings: American Decisive.
  • One Building: American Tactical.
  • Two Buildings: Draw.
  • Three Buildings: Soviet Tactical.
  • Four Buildings: Soviet Decisive.

Special Scenario Rules
  • The heavy snow limits visibility to four hexes. There are no other visibility penalties.
  • The Soviet vehicles cannot leave the R1-N20 road, or unload their passengers, until one of them is fired on or adjacent to a victory location.
  • On turn one no Soviet vehicle may move more than ten hexes.
  • Maj. Petrov is placed in a hex with an unloaded Soviet Squad at the beginning of turn two or three.
  • The Americans set up in any building after the scenario begins. They may not set up in a hex controlled by the Soviets. Their set up does not constitute an impulse, and may be done during an American or Soviet impulse. Units may Opportunity Fire (if all requirements are met) after placement. All units need not be placed in the same impulse or in the same hex. Units not placed by the end of turn two are forfeited.

Event Markers
  • Place Event Marker A (Occupation) on hex S15. Activation by either Soviets or Americans. When activated read paragraph one.


:arrow: Paragraph One: Your soldiers kick in the huge double doors to be greeted by a cacophony of screams. The sanctuary is jammed full of civilians. A silver-haired man in priest's robes stands between your soldiers and the civilians, his arms spread protectively. One soldier lowers his assault rifle, and...
  • Shoos them from the building. If so, read Paragraph two.
  • Tells them to get down and stay down. If so, read Paragraph three.

:arrow: Paragraph Two: The priest pleads, you ignore, the civilians become rowdy, and then an assault rifle stutters. In a panic, some of the civilians run screaming from the church, leaving several blood-soaked compatriots in the vestibule, others snatch shotguns, hunting rifles, and pistols from where they lay on the pews and attack your men. Place a 1-3-4-4 civilian counter in the hex. Melee ensues. If the civilians survive, the opposing player assumes control and may use them as if they were one off his units, with the following exceptions:
  • They cannot stack with any other unit.
  • They may self-rally.

:arrow: Paragraph Three: Your medic administers to the wounded, and some of your men past out MREs to the children. Reduce the firepower of one squad in the church by one. These men are caring for the civilians.


Jaelle-Hunter crouched with the survivors in the Lévesque's home, west of Noville. Three had been killed by the soldiers in the church, killed without reason, killed without mercy. The survivors were innocents, men and women who wanted no part of war, no part in the senseless killing--fathers, mothers, brothers, and daughters, without knives, without guns, without weapons.

But not really.

Jaelle-Hunter was a weapon like no other, and so were her brothers and sisters. When night fell, when the moon rose, they would unsheathe their weapons. Unsheathe themselves.
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