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How to Use This Sub-forum Board

Postby Whiterook » Fri Jun 24, 2016 7:58 pm


The intent of the War Leaders' Conference Rooms are provide private rooms for wargamers that are playing games in The War Room, a place they can strategize on tactics and game-play.


  • Players that wish to reserve a room should PM the Game Master (host of any particular game the players want to discuss and strategize play for) and give a list of all players who will be participating in that game, for access to that conference room. In reserving a room, please keep in mind that if a Game Master is not a Moderator, contact the Administrator of the site (Whiterook) by PM to ask to reserve a room. The Game Master or Administrator of the site will then change the Subject Heading to 'Occupied', with a list of players.
  • The players requesting the conference must also stipulate whether they want to allow to open the conference up to all members to add any comments they wish: If the confernece room is marked with a STAR, it is an open thread; and if the conference room is marked with an EXCLAMATION SIGN, it is a closed thread, and only the reserved members should post.
  • Players using a conference room need to notify any Moderator or Administrator when they are done and the room will be changed to Vacant


  • The rooms will just continue on from the last post of the previous occupancy, so over time, you will note it covers many games.
  • If you see a conference room is marked with an EXCLAMATION SIGN, do not post in it!


When activating a conference room, change the status to Occupied, and list the first names (or screen names) of the players, separated by a / in parens ().

The primary thing to remember is, the Logistics sub-forum is the place for FAQ-type threads, which a Gamester sets-up for the benefit of answering questions from the players he/she is hosting; provide needed materials/advice; or give pertinent details of gameplay rules not generally, commonly, or easily found elsewhere. And the Conference Rooms are for private game strategy between active gamers playing in a forum game.
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