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1946-1988 (Korea & Vietnam)

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MiG Hunters

Postby Whiterook » Fri May 13, 2016 9:43 pm

Here's an interesting air combat miniatures game for the Korean War era....

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MiG Hunters
Aerial Combat in the 1950's
25 pages


For $7, you might not go wrong with this one! :D The hardest part might be in tracking down miniatures!!! :shock:

I can't say I've seen Korean War miniature games being played out at conventions or clubs...but what a loss, really. I mean think about it....badass jets, yet still a big proliferation of prop planes, too! In this era, your crossing the boundary of WWII prop planes, to Joey power. I love the though of throwing props against jets, and seeing what it takes to balance out the odds.

The MiG Hunters system itself is a complete miniatures game of air combat in this transitional era of the 1950's. The basic rules allow for relatively large battles with up to a dozen aircraft per side and minimal record keeping. Optional rules are included which cover; air to ground combat, bombers, variable pilot quality and experience, and simple campaign system. And advanced rules add realism, to include: Advanced maneuvering, deflection shooting, visual spotting, limited ammunition, critical damage, and more... Pretty cool stuff!!! Also included is the Swept Wings aircraft lists, with game stats for 38 different aircraft from 4 different nations.

To me, mini-gaming the Korean War in the air spells COOL! I'm not sure why but, I would be more likely to game this era in airwar, than I would WWII....mainly because of the mix of old and new school hardware.
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