Quick War- a miniatures wargame that's simple to play

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Quick War- a miniatures wargame that's simple to play

Postby 50th » Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:41 pm

I once played a wargame at a convention where you rolled to hit, then rolled for result, you then had to look at one chart to find which results chart you looked up your results on. I found this too cumbersome for an afternoon game, and forgot about it. Once I was at a Wal-mart and found a 1:144 scale Sherman tank, I began to think about designing my own easy wargame. So I bought up a lot of the small tanks. They only had American and German tanks, and only tanks and self-propelled artillery. But later at a hobby shop, I found infantry in the same scale. I used cut up phone cards to base my infantry on and added infantry to my rules. My goal was to make an easy, yet realistic set of rules to play an afternoon miniatures game. Below is a picture of one such game;


The numbered dice on the German side of the river represent possible hidden units. You use more dice than actual hidden units so that the enemy don't know exactly how many hidden units you have. The white puff balls represent units that are hit, and the red are units that are destroyed. I use small plastic markers to show which units have been activated and which have not. The light green felt represents hills and some have a ridge line across the top, and some do not. The dark green felt represents forest and units that are on the edge of the forest can see and shoot out, while units farther back cannot.
Download these rules and try them with your miniatures.

Download Quick War:
Quick War.docx
Quick War Rules
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Re: Quick War- a miniatures wargame that's simple to play

Postby josta59 » Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:59 pm

Nice, man!
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