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Warhammer 40K, v 8

Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:43 am
by Frank
I have played a few games of this new version now and, to be honest I have mixed feelings about it. It has had the rules greatly simplified. as has the army selection. You now have two options to choose from.

There is what they call Power Level (PL) which gives you a PL number for a squad or character, say 4 PL for a squad for which you can choose from any of the weapons options or adding a squad leader. It does seem to assume that you will pick the best options available though you are limited in squad sizes being allowed, say, 5 or 10 man squads with no options to add individual men to it though you can usually add the same amount of men to it up to the maximum size allowed.

The other option is the more traditional separate points for each man plus points for upgrades and weapons.

The stats system has changed as well from the traditional GW system of subtracting your ballistic/weapon skill from 7 and that being what you need to hit, eg BS 3 subtracted from 7 gives you 4+ to hit, now going with a straight entry of 3+ or whatever to hit.

You can now kill anything on the table with anything else if you can throw enough shots/attacks at it instead of the old system where quite often the standard squad weapons could not touch a tank, needing heavy weapons to do that. A lot of vehicles now have damage charts where you lose movement and fighting ability as you take wounds rather than the old system of a vehicle have so many hull points and being at full strength until being destroyed.

Close combat has changed as well with chargers fighting first and then if there are any ongoing combats players taking turns choosing which unit to attack with pretty much like in Age of Sigmar.

Morale after taking casualties is the same as A O S with a player rolling a dice and adding how many casualties and then comparing that result to their morale rating and losing a model for each point it beats it by, which can have very bad effects on a multi wound model unit as you can lose a 3W model after failing a test by 1.

I have been playing 40K since v2 and I can`t help feeling that each new version has dumbed the game down a bit, I still think v2 is the best version but this one is fun, brutal and quick to play so I will give it a fair trial.

Re: Warhammer 40K, v 8

Posted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:32 pm
by Frank
Oops, completely forgot. Strategems. Every army starts with 3 Command Points, if your force fits in one of the force organisation charts you get 1 more and depending on which force you take you can get up to 3 more. A Battalion, which is a proper balanced force gets you 3, while a smaller, more specialised force will give you between 0 and 2. You can spend these points on the strategems which can range from 1CP to reroll a dice, 2CP to auto pass a morale check and so on. There are three basic ones in the main rules and as Codexes are bought out you get quite a few more specialised ones.