WarGods of Olympus: Mythology Miniature Battle Game

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WarGods of Olympus: Mythology Miniature Battle Game

Postby Whiterook » Sat Jun 01, 2013 11:52 am

WarGods of Olympus: Mythology Miniature Battle Game
by Crocodile Games

From the site:

The Rulebook:

The WarGods of Olympus softcover rulebook will contain over 250 pages, lavishly illustrated throughout with color and black & white artwork by renowned artists Des Hanley and John Wigley. The rulebook will include an extensive gallery of miniatures painted by some of the best talents in the game industry, and a stunning scenery gallery by Herb Gundt (aka H.G. Walls.) Also included are 2 full-color sheets of Command Counters. The rulebook contains the rules for 6 city-states (Sparta, Mycenae, Troy, Athens, Corinth, and the Amazons) and the Titans. It also includes all the rules and powers to create 10 different Demigods. WarGods uses 10-sided dice, available from all hobby and game stores. The rulebook is planned for release in July of 2014.


The Game World:

WarGods of Olympus is the 3rd game in our expanding game world. The first was WarGods of Aegyptus, based on Aegyptian mythology, and the second was the Wendigo Warband Guide, based on the legends of lost Hyperborea. All of these games share the same basic rules and take place in the same world – they are designed to be played against each other! So, if you play a Spartan warband lead by a Demigod of Ares, you can fight against a Harbinger of Anubis to control the Aegyptian Underworld!

More than anything, WarGods was designed for gamers who enjoy creating a cool story when playing the game, not just winning. The rules reward real tactical play, not rule-breaking gimmicks and unstoppable heroes. The background is a fascinating mixture of real mythology and historical cultures with an innovative fantasy twist.

If you've ever watched and enjoyed old adventure films with Greek heroes battling against stop-motion monsters, WarGods of Olympus is the game for you!

Example of Demi-Gods

The Demigod is the leader of your warband. Each Demigod has a selection of 10 different powers -- for example, Hades can command the dead and summon a monstrous 3-headed hound to protect him, Poseidon can control the creatures of the deep and cause the earth to shake and stun his enemies, Hecate can call upon dark magics and the powers of the night, and so on. Choose the Demigod you like best to command your warband.

Each Demigod miniature is supplied with a 25mm square plastic base, and is about 35mm tall (on average.) We've designed them to be just a little taller than 'mortals', to help convey their supernatural power! The Demigod miniatures are available individually or as a complete set, so choose the reward level that works best for you. At the end of the program we'll send out a survey where you can specify which miniatures you want.

The Trojans


The new installment in the series also includes plans for the Trojans are the legendary warriors of Homer's The Iliad, who fought a long and tragic war against the united Greek city-states. Our Trojan miniatures were designed to have a mysterious, eastern feel, with a nod to historical Bronze Age armor, weapons and imagery but realized with a dramatic Hollywood flair. Each Trojan miniature is around 30mm scale, and is supplied with a 20mm square plastic base. Spartans and Mycenaeans are also on the drawing board.

Each unit will contain a number of different poses, usually 3 or 4, but sometimes more for the Phalanxes. We like our units to have lots of variation!

All of the Demigod miniatures were sculpted by Chris FitzPatrick, based on concept art by Des Hanley.
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