Battle of the Bulge, iPad App, by Shenandoah Games

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Battle of the Bulge, iPad App, by Shenandoah Games

Postby Whiterook » Sun Dec 23, 2012 11:41 pm

Battle of the Bulge, iPad App, by Shenandoah Games

BoB App 1.jpg

Battle of the Bulge is the first game by Shenandoah Studio, a group of veteran game designers and developers who have come together to publish top quality strategy games on the iPad, in the spirit of classic board games. Collectively, we have over 160 years of game design and development experience. The game is the first installment in their Crisis in Command series.

The Battle of the Bulge system was designed as a low-complexity iPad game, taking its cue from boardgames on 20th century battles. The mechanics of area movement, unit activation, quick back-and-forth impulses, strength-based fire and differentiation of armor and infantry come from boardgaming. The system leverages the iPad platform to incorporate gesture-based interactions, calls to action, movement guides, combat previews, calculations of combat modifiers, time passage and daily reports.

Battle of the Bulge is a serious historical simulation game about the famous World War Two battle. John Butterfield, one of the most accomplished game designers ever, has created Bulge from the start for the iPad. It is turn-based and you can:

• Play by yourself, as either the Germans or Allies, or
• Face-to-face by passing the iPad, or
• Face-to-face using two iPads, or
• Over the Internet, asynchronously.

You can play as many games simultaneously as you would like, “Wars with Friends” if you will. The touch screen totally changes the experience of simulation games, making them faster to play, more interactive, and more fun.

The game is a classic gaming situation, with a surprise attack, desperate defense, and bold counterattack. The Germans rush to exploit their initial strength, while the Allies struggle to hold on and then counterattack. The game play is quick and the strategy deep.

The illustration below shows a prototype map with the battle underway and three American divisions cut off in Bastogne. Likewise, a German panzer division has broken through and gotten to the Meuse River, but is cut-off and out of supply.

BoB App 2.jpg

The Battle of the Bulge was fought in December 1944 and the graphic design conveys the cold, snowing conditions.

Zooming in is a simple matter of using your fingers to pinch the screen. Here’s a mockup of a closer look at the ongoing battle in Bastogne:

BoB App 3.jpg

When you are thinking of making an attack you can view the Combat Preview panel to gain important information, such as the strength of both sides, factors influencing the battle, and an estimate of the number of hits likely to occur and whether or not a forced retreat is probable. The Combat Preview below shows a German attack: notice the number of hits the American are expected to take, almost enough to wipe them out!

BoB App 4.jpg
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