Hold the Line, by Worthington Games

1500-1815 (English Civil War, American Revolutionary War, French Revolutionary War, Napoleonic War, etc.)

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Re: Hold the Line, by Worthington Games

Postby Whiterook » Sat Nov 18, 2017 6:46 pm

Frizzenspark wrote:
Whiterook wrote:Cool stuff...thanks for posting all that great info. I had a bad experience with NWS, but their prices can't be denied as GREAT! How's your experience been with them?

On the other vendor, I use Miniature Market all the time and I believe they have a loyalty program. I'll have to look into this game...

How do you think it plays solitaire?

I still like NWS; provided you're not in a rush, they're really great on the budget; as I understand it, It's a one-man operation; special orders (marked by the "*") will cause delays.

Miniature Market shipped quickly, but made its way to me very slowly $5.99 shipping.
NWS shipped slowly, but the package flew quickly for a seventeen buck shipping; The game is heavy and NWS is not a big shipper to get discounts.

I finally gave the games a good inspection a couple of minis were a little warped, and I seem to be missing three French flagbearers. I have sent them a message, I expect to hear from them soon.

The miniatures do not represent numbers of troops, but are instead a reflection of their unit's morale status; flabearers indicate: Elite, Regular, or Light troops by which flags they carry. Militia, Rangers. and Indians do not use flags.The game should work well for Solo gaming.

Yeah, that's my understanding, in NWS being pretty much a 1-man operation (or damned near)...but he does pay attention to customer feedback; and I believe his sincerity in wanting to advanced the Wargaming community.
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