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Space Infantry

Postby Whiterook » Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:04 pm


Space Infantry

Space Infantry is an exciting new solitaire game of squad-level combat in the future. In Space Infantry you will be asked to lead an elite team of soldiers and undertake a series of missions that can be played individually or as a campaign

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An innovative system makes possible a quick resolution of the different tasks (exploration, combat) while keeping the game tense and not predictable. Six different enemies, seven missions and a modular system to dynamically generate new encounters assure many hours of enjoyment.

The module structure of the game will make possible to add new features easily to Space Infantry (missions, units, enemies, equipment): those additional components will add new options to the existing missions, increasing the lifetime of the game.


Game Includes:

* Eight mission maps
* 12 tiles/cards to create random missions
* Approximately 80, die-cut-counters
* 17 character cards
* 6 large enemy data cards
* Rules booklet
* All in a Boxed Game


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Straight solitaire games are pretty far and few anytime I see a solitaire title come along, my ears perk up! This has the added bonus of potential expandability. That's always a good thing in the gaming world. I also think the subject matter is pretty darned cool. I'm not sure it's necessarily my "style"...but then again, my "style" has been known to change! :ugeek:
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