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Nuklear Winter '68

Postby Whiterook » Sat Dec 29, 2012 2:30 pm

Nuklear Winter '68
by Lock 'N Load Publishing, 2012
For 1-3 Players; average play, 60 min. Under $40


What might have happened if the nuclear bombs flew? The former World War II German territory, transformed into a wasteland by the nuclear holocaust that ended the Second World War in 1946, is the hostile setting of a new conflict between old enemies clenched in a struggle for the future of mankind.


Surviving Nazi leaders, under the direction of new Fuhrer Himmler, and Wehrmacht forces resurface in 1968 from underground shelters to rebuild an empire from the ashes of the world. Oblivious of the climatic, technological and political changes inflicted by more than 20 years of nuclear winter, they are about to face the mysterious Black Hand - elusive, abhorrent masters of the wastes, and the combined might of the modern, highly mechanized and versatile NATO alliance.

Units represent platoons of vehicles like T64 or King Tiger tanks, infantry, or helicopters. The platoons are grouped into formations and lead by a commander. The formations are activated by the favored (by LNLP) by chit draw system; and better-trained, better-led units can activate more than once in a turn.....moving, shooting, and fighting in each activation. On the flip side of a coin, there is no guarantee that a formation will activate even once! This chit-draw system lends itself extremely well towards solitaire play.

This game was originally released as the DTP game Nuklear Winter '78.


I'm not generally into "What-if" alternate history games, but this one is really cool. The sci-fi element to the game is fun, and the counters are beautiful. hat isn't beautiful is the rulebook for the first edition of this game, which has black printing on an extremely dark background....several gamers, even on LNLP's facebook fanpage (I was one of them), have complained that it's extremely hard on the eyes....and for tha reason, a free downloadable copy of the rulebook on white background magically appeared (though LNLP never took ownership of this faux pas).

If you are a fan of the world at War, or nations at War series from LNLP, then this is a must-have edition to the OOB in the gameroom!

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