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BSG Express

Postby Whiterook » Tue Jul 02, 2013 8:11 pm

BSG Express

Take a look at this intriguing re-imagining of the classic FFG game, or the re-imagined show....kinda a re-imagined re-imaging :lol:

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It basically takes the 4- hour Fantasy Flight Games version and drills it down to 1.

In the tradition of the popular 'express' family of games, BSG Express is a free, non-profit print 'n play game inspired by the popular Battlestar Galactica from Fantasy Flight Games. It takes the core mechanics, boils them down to their basics, and tosses in dice.

The human race is facing extinction. A robotic civilization called the Cylons has destroyed the human’s home planet and is chasing the survivors through space. External threats, however, aren’t the only dangers facing the humans: any one of them might be a Cylon in disguise, attempting to destroy humanity from within.

Players will roll their skill dice, attempt to overcome crises, perform actions, and generally accuse one another of being a 'frakkin toaster.' In the end, either the humans will escape or the Cylons will wipe them out. The real question is: who's on which side?

This is an unofficial, unauthorized, non-profit, fan-made game and is in NO WAY associated with Fantasy Flight Games. It is a pure labor of love!

For those that want a more professionally produced version, $50 will get you one here....
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