Memoir 44 D-Day Gold Beach

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Memoir 44 D-Day Gold Beach

Postby 50th » Sun Jul 23, 2017 7:36 pm

Yesterday, I played the Gold Beach map of the set of 6 D-Day maps. I selected the Gold Beach map (after I had decided on Omaha) because of the Hobart's Funnies tanks (the dark painted tanks) that were in that battle. One Hobart's funnies tank unit had a bridge attachment, the other had the large mat that allowed it to go over soft beach faster, and over barbed wire. Here is a picture after set up:
Gold 17 7 22a.jpg
Gold Beach A

Even though there are 12 medal stands on the Allied side of the map, I saw it wrong (maybe looking at the page for a different map) and thought I needed 16. So, I played to 16 by taking all three beach sections for six medals (two per beach section), and one for taking three villages, two for using a Hobart's funny to build a bridge across the La Suelles River, and seven destroyed German units. The poor Germans didn't roll very many reinforcements (the Allies did only slightly better).

And here is a picture of the end of the battle:
Gold 17 7 22b.jpg
Gold Beach B

These maps are so large, I had to play on the kitchen table (my former game table) and was finished putting it away just in time to set the table for supper!
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